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Vegetarian Diets

Off the 8 to 10 million people in the United States who profess to be on vegetarian diets,  eliminate red meats but include fish and dairy products. The Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian also uses eggs.A true vegetarian diet or vegan diet avoids all foods of animal origin. The vegan diet is the only one that incorporates any […]

Preventing Knee Injuries

Our knees which bear body weight all day long, are susceptible to injury when there’s poor biomechanical alignment from the ankle up and are commonly traumatized during sports. Over time, with chronic injury or repetitive trauma, arthritis may occur. But don’t give up hope there are things you can do to prevent knee injuries.

Benefits Of Working Out

Getting through our busy days often leaves little time to focus on ourselves. Working out offers important mind and body benefits that can’t be overlooked. So no procrastinating, Let’s start today!At PROPTA we advise everyone to take time out of their busy schedules and organize a work out plan. At the very least three times […]

Ice Or Heat For Injuries

At PROPTA, we advise our clients on this sometimes confusing subject.  Therapeutic icing and heating — cryotherapy and thermotherapy — are both treatment options with minimal risks and has been used for a variety of reasons. Let’s explore. Heat or Ice? Heat causes the blood vessels to open wide allowing blood to enter the tissue […]

The Health Benefits Of Berries

AT PROPTA, we believe that proper eating habits are an essential part of good health. Berries of all kinds should be incorporated into your daily meals.   Sure, they are loaded with fiber, which helps you feel full.  But did you know these little wonders are good for easing your arthritis symptoms as well? Berries top the charts […]