@teresafit_fab / April 26-2022

@teresafit_fab A big shout-out to PROPTA- The Professional Personal Trainers Association! I’m thrilled and honored to be affiliated with you💫🙏🏻 I remember the early days going through the

Teresa Malone

certification process at Golds Gym Venice Beach under the direction of @proptajoeantouri — memories I’ll cherish forever!! It was a long 4 months, but the lectures and working hands on w/ the IFBB Pros will stay with me forever. I live, breathe this lifestyle and I walk the walk! Thank you again💫🙏🏻 #blessedandgrateful😇❤️

Teresa Malone / April 26-2022

Happy New Year, Joe!

I wanted to send a special thank you for your generosity in sharing the amazing courses.  I will be suggesting them to some aspiring bodybuilders and trainers that I know.
This one was by far the best I’ve seen.  A great refresher and included some things I didn’t know.  I love the business suggestion of presentation packets and will be working on that.  My background prior to fitness was corporate sales and my strategies were similar.
More than anything, it was a much-needed reminder after the injuries, life & surgery that I am THAT great at what I do and THAT knowledgeable.  I WILL GET IT ALL BACK, plus some!  I sincerely appreciate all the work you’ve put in, and the sincerity you bring to your biz.
The timing of this gift was inexplicable!
May 2021 bring you the best of all you wish for!
Have a blessed New Year!
Adina Edwards IFBB Pro

Adina Edwards - IFBB PRO

While it’s been a long time Joe this is Mark Fusco hitting you up for an awesome update! I am now a successful trainer at Vent Fitness I am doing mini team challenges and also work for charity although I’ve slowed down work on my book ,I expect to release in 2018 with your help. And if everything goes right sometime in April or May 2018 I plan on coming out to California to meet you and Mr. glass it would be my honor. Feel free to call me at anytime. Thanks for making my dreams come true and you’re the best!

Mark Fusco  10-6-2017

Mark Fusco - PROPTA Certified Trainer

PROPTA ACADEMY is an efficient training program if you’re looking to develop, to improve your skills and acquiere specific technics of bodybuilding and nutrition to become a professional trainer and personal coach. All the staff and the management are available and dedicated to your success and learning.
Certified Personal Coach by PROPTA U.S.
Champion Miss Bikini IFBB North of Israel 2017, Vice-Champion Miss Bikini IFBB Israel 2016.
Founder of FITNESSCYN and LEVONTIN CENTER at Tel Aviv. (Private clinic: osteopath, podiatrist and fitness coach.)

Cynthia Avital ( From Israel )

Unbelievable and awesome. I also got a job at Golds Gym and been working there for three years non stop. Thank you PROPTA and JOE.

Kris Gang

I have good experience with PROPTA and Joe Antouri. Online study and exam is always difficult in another language but it was quite interesting. I was learning a lot of new things especially during the exam as it required a lot of research beside the training material. The course gives a good basic knowledge for a long learning process as there is something new to learn every day in this industry. Thank you Joe and PROPTA.

Magdolna Toth

Hi Joe,
Allow me to say thank you so much for all your help and for providing my wife and I with the proper tools to become better at what we love to do.

Thank you for everything

Jerry Tejada

Hey Joe
This is Anthony, I just wanted to give you a quick update. Since getting certified from your school, a lot has happened. I started off by working for fit body boot camp in Cypress and La Habra same owner. From their I met some pretty interesting people, one client offered me to train them at their work. I started off working two days a week, after the first they asked me to come 5 days week. The knowledge I got from PROPTA helped out tremendously. I was able to whip up some workouts on the spot.

So, word got spread around about me, the CFO of the company asked if I could train him. He was ranked #1 in his age group for Iron man races. I have an extensive background in marathon running, so it was right up my ally. The point of this was to let you know I’m working a lot less hours and making more money. Thank you Joe and the PROPTA staff for everying.

Anthony Briseno

Hi Joe, hope all has been well. I just wanted to give you an update. I’ve had an amazing journey since I saw you last. I’ve utilized the tools PROPTA has taught me. I’m approaching my second competition. I moved back down to the valley, got a PT job at Equinox, and doing private training. The picture on the left was a few weeks before we met, the middle picture is right before my first competition and the right picture is two days ago.
Thank you for all your knowledge.

Abel L. – Los Angeles

Hey Joe, Kris here. I wanted to let you know how things are going since the personal trainer course completion. In the past eight years I completed two other CPT programs. They did consist of good knowledge but they were not the sort of quality that changes your life. In the last month since completion I have experienced the greatest change to myself and the people I train. Both in terms of size and shape. Also a great increase in vascularity. I am very excited to be part of the PROPTA family and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Last week I cleaned up the carbs and dairy from my food. I went from 174 lbs. at 6.8% body fat to 168 lbs. at 5.3% body fat. Food seems to always be the problem. Am looking forward to nutrition classes to better myself and pass some knowledge onto others.

Kris Giles CPT

HI Joe- Here I present you one of my client that has been working with me for the past 6 months. Tane M is a 24 years old with 5’3 height that came to me 6 weeks after giving birth to her 2nd child in order to recover her body. After signing a liability contract and answering a health and lifestyle questionnaire for me to have a better understanding of what method use with her and what steps she had to take in order to for her to accomplish her goals.
Tane is also an intermediate athlete so her needs of protein, nutrient, fluids and exercise and were greater than a sedentary person. She’s now preparing herself along with my help to compete in her fist bikini competition.

She started off the program with 150 lbs and after 6 months working with me she’s now 117 lbs with 14% body fat and great lean muscle mass.

She’s doing great as you can see in her progress pictures, now she’s preparing for her first bikini competition and she’s really happy with her changes.


Thank you Joe once again for this amazing opportunity of working with you and learning from the best. I will be waiting for your answer and final score for this test and

Sally Aponte Tejada - Miss World Dominican Republic

Hi Joe, i faxed you my certified food handler card and certificate this morning. let me know if you get it?? i have been doing lots of nutritional work in the last month and will continue to keep all my records and journals throughout the summer… until i start the certified nutrition specialist course. I’m really enjoying everything and gaining more and more confidence everyday! so thank you!!:) Just wanted to give you the update… i have also emailed jem welsh to try and do some fridays with him in his office. i’ll keep in touch and thank you, Ali Pavoni

Ali Pavoni

Joe, Hey, wanted to say hello and see how things are going? I also wanted to see if you could send me a generic client assessment form, I thought I had one but I don’t. Do you have a generic one for the PTA students to use and modify? Thanks and I need to start coming to the classes on Saturday once I see what my schedule is with these new places I might be working at. Every time I go to the academy I learn so much more. Wanted to thank you for taking care of your students and keeping them educated. I got me a new car, because I learned so much at the academy. Thank you again Joe. Matt Holmes Brand New Energy Inc.

Matt Holmes

Hey Joe, I really learned a lot from the course. I’m excited to begin a new career. You have been a great help and i know i will be emailing you for more information. Gary B.

Garry B

Joe WOOOOOOOOOW….. that looks great, thank you so much, I can’t wait to start handing them out and spreading the PROPTA word. BTW I saw that Brazilian guy from the academy at Gold’s today I didn’t say anything to him he was leaving when I realized it was him. I’m excited to really get going with more clients, thanks for all your help along the way. P.H.

Personal Trainer PROPTA

Joe, I have been wanting to tell you that I never dreamed to be sitting down with the PROS and exchanging words, especially about a subject that I like, for once in my life, being at the academy, I felt so good, not only did I learn so much more than I have ever learned from other certifications, but I had a lot of fun learning. Especially when it got to the practical application, you guys know what you are doing. No one taught this before like you do. I do have other certifications under my belt and they are going to end up in the garbage, what a waist of money and time, I cannot wait to see you again next Saturday, I am so excited. Please tell Mike Sable that we love his lecture. I know this is for six weeks but I wish I can come to the academy every week, it is so great. Joanna Beckwith

Joanna Beckwith

Dear Joe This is my 4th day of the academy and I have to tell you that I am full of information that I never thought I can obtain, especially in one place. Mike Ergas was great, he tells it like it is, man this guy is in shape, I wish I can look like him one day. The lecture gave me so much to think about, business is important and clients come first like you said. I know you were taping the lecture. Can I have a copy of Mike Ergas lecture, it is great to have for business purpose. See you next week. Alex M.

Alex M.

Joe, You are so great, I love the lectures especially with Rob , with my age in the late forties, I am sure I can get some elders to train with me now I understand the theory of proper application, Mike Sable is great, I cannot believe I was training my clients wrong all these years and nobody noticed. Now when I am at the gym, I look at everybody and I wonder where they got certified from, so sad. But that is OK for me because all their clients will end up my clients soon. I promise. You and your team are the best. Jackeline P.

Jackeline P.

Hi Joe, I would like to give you my opinion about your organization and I hope you will read this message, I have started my curriculum with Angie two weeks ago and I have 4 more weeks to go, I must inform you that Angie is incredible, the amount of knowledge is oozing out of her. I love to listen to her while she is lecturing. When I learned about your program, I thought I had to go to California or do it online, I am not a person for the online education stuff, I like visual and practical application, and now I know why. I wanted to thank you and thank angie for giving a second chance in business, I will make this business so good to me because of you and her. Thank you. Brian S.

Brian S.

Dear Joe, I am still only 1/3 through both certification tests. I just could not stop what I have been producing to get them in on time. With 5 events, and two seminars booked, 15 clients and more signing daily, and the stuff I have assembled to sell at the events and on line, I have that knowing thing about completing the tests but can’t create time or maybe it is a priority issue. The insurance came through, business license, and I have taken all those liability papers that clients must sign and rewritten them into a smart 3 page with lawyer approval. You will love that for your students. Golds wants me as an independent trainer next week and my pool training experience for the over 40 crowd. I will make myself available for session 5 if you want a full presentation of what I developed through the academy. I now have a methodology for getting clients daily, consulting, and developing innovative ideas with nutrition and training. I am training trainers in nutrition. PROPTA needs to know that the material is far deeper in its impact than you are letting on. You guys have given me a gift. I need advice here about getting conditional certifications for 60-90 days so I can get the tests done. I am so busy with clients and I have not even gotten my certifications yet, Please advise, this train has left the academy……..Gary the Untrainer. PS> I have had calls from other trainers in Riverside about licensing The UnTrainer concept. Holy Mackerel. Gary Smith

Gary Smith - Untrainer

Sir/Ma’am, Attached are my written test for nutrition consultant, and private trainer certifications. They are both due today 28 June 2009. Please be advised that if this is sent back for corrections to be made, I am having surgery Wednesday first thing and will not get out of the hospital until Thursday sometime. I understand it takes time to grade a test, I just wanted to advise you. I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to serve your fine company as a personal trainer and eagerly await the results from my tests. R/ Ronald Slone Ronald Slone

Ronald Slone

Joe, I guess I want the consultation for myself and then I modify it for others. I want to be able to pull off my shirt in my classes as a testament of possibility. I need to accelerate my workouts and eating to do that. I need to know what area and exercises frequency etc to concentrate on a final reshape. I have put on nearly 10 lbs of lean but have man boobs and fat on abdomen still coming off a little each week. On Saturday, you can use me as a mannequin. I am not shy about this. I want a Men’s Fitness Look first. Lean, Strong, Healthy. See you Saturday. As always, the support is awesome, What a mentor!…..Thank you……gary Gary Smith

Gary Smith

Hi Joe, I am suffering from a severe lactic acid buildup in my facial muscle caused by hyperextension from excessive smiling. It is Sunday and three members from my church asked for my biz card. Afterward, I stopped at my Vitamin Shoppe in Manhattan Beach and thanked the owner for stocking my favorite products and also the Sable Sinful ones I had stopped using during my two year fat loss. He invited me to set up a table in the store when I am officially certified and promote my business on a Sat and Sun from 1-4 which is the busiest time. He said you can tell your weight loss story, place whatever products you used on your table to sell, sign up clients for your studio, etc. Bring on the lactic acid……GS Gunner S.

Gunner S.

Dear Joe, one of the reasons I write you is to keep that mentor relationship alive and keep a sense of reality. I started passing out biz cards and a special offer of free services until I get my official certification papers which I figure will be by July 6. I have 5 responders. This will be a good mock experience of client reaction to me so I can develop the UnTrainer difference. On that, I am organizing a Diet Book Burning Bonfire near the end of August at the Barbecue Pits at the beach by LAX as a promotion of public awareness of the The UnTrainer and the ineffectiveness of Diet Programs. Got any thoughts on that idea……. gary, the untrainer is of sound mind and body. I think I have a Mike Sable over the top virus. Gary Smith

Gary Smith

hi joe thank you for the great class. i learned alot and learned there is so much more to know!!! that is good. i am also glad you have generously offered to let us come back and learn more. that is the best thing ever. i was thinking about how the class could be used so we would learn more. what works for me is repetition. hearing mike say the same thing over and over beats it into my head. also i think it was very useful to have the oral quiz session yesterday. a little nerve wracking but instructional. maybe if you gave the class more take home assignments, such as, be able to describe the digestive process and include the x, y and z.i think talking about it is much harder to do but ensures that you really could explain the importance to a client. this was the best experience ever, I am glad I chose to get certified by PROPTA. I will never regret it and I will always tell everyone, I promise Kristin, LeFevre

Kristin LeFevre

Hi Joe, I did 12 classes with you. How cool is that to be in the presence of “Greatness” in this industry. To have Samir, You, and Mike recognize where I am going in the business provides me with foundational confidence to press on and get up this morning eat my egg protein oatmeal and do a shoulder, ab, thigh work out before church. My pastor is 100 lbs overweight. I am getting ready to write him a motivating proposal. I get him transformed and the congregation sees it each week. No doubt, they will chase after me. Seeking high profile Fat people like Pastors, teachers, lawyers, nurses, doctors will create a momentum. I desire to help your organization after I get going. I have some ideas about that. First things first. In July, I will have completed a 75lb fat loss journey with a 10-15 lb muscle gain. It covers a two year story of character building with Desire, Drive, Determination, and Discipline. See I was awake in class. I did take a before picture at 260lbs. Yuk, who was that. Mr. Slug. Will send you pictures of my private gym now under organization and my vehicle wrap set for July 6 installation…..see you in two weeks for final workout and test are coming by the end of this month. You are my champion, sir. One lucky trainer

The Untrainer

Dear Joe and Mike, I am so grateful for your presentations. I was not even remotely bored the 2nd time through. I keep getting new ideas in class Matt Garcia

Matt Garcia

Hi Joe- Thank you so much! I feel honored to be part of such an organization!! I will look forward to my stuff in the mail! I will be keeping in touch, talk to you soon… Ali Pavoni

Ali Pavoni

Thanks Joe! It was very helpful talking with you the other day. The woman I was telling you about is seriously thinking twice about the gastric bypass surgery. I am really grateful that I have found PROPTA. I thank you, Mike and everyone that has put time in to make this academy a class act. I look forward to Saturday, as I know that I will be learning so much more. Thanks again! Martha Garcia- Public Health Administration

Martha Garcia

Hello Joe, Thank-you for the forms. Well we didn’t have a chance to talk on Saturday but I really, really want to talk to you about what you think about opening a “TRAIN” in Ventura county. I have always wanted to start a gym but I know there is a lot of competition. One thing about my gym would be that I would have PROPTA backing me up….:-} Hopefully, we can talk on Saturday. Thanks for all your help. Susie Pentoja

Suzie Pentoja

Hi Joe Just wanted to take a quick second, to thank you for allowing me to be a part of the PROPTA. It is such an honor to be a part of such an incredible organization. Thank you for rescheduling me to teach this past Sat, it was such a great class, great students! Have a great week! Bebe Geraldo 🙂

Bebe Geraldo - IFBB PRO

Hi Joe! I am really enjoying the academy. Thank you, Christy LeFevre

Christin LeFevre

Dear Lisa Maloy:I haven’t told you today. YOUR AWESOME!!!! and thank you for every thing. I tell my friends that go to LAVC. to train with you and no one else. talk to you later Matthew Ferrel

Matthew Ferrel

Thanks joe I love this class and am excited to be learning from the best. I might drag a friend along to class next week. she is visiting me for 2 days. she was my first personal trainer way back in 1988? is it possible;) I like to show her how you do things, awesome school?? thank you , christin Christin Cleaver

Christin Cleaver

Dear Joe, Hope this mail reaches you well and in good health. In 2007 I receive a Private Trainer 1 certificate from your prestigious organization. Claude Groulx Master Mr. Olympia,was my instructor , and he helped us tremendously to receive the certificates. He was very professional , and during the lectures took his time to explain everything we needed to know in detail. This certificate has helped me on a personal level to achieve fitness goals i would never dreamed of reaching on my own. In addition, has helped my clients reach their goals and maintain them throughout. I have spoken to Claude lately about receiving and advanced certificate in private training from PROPTA. I am very much interested in this matter and would like to begin as soon as possible. After your approval of course. Kind Regards, Abdullah Al Askari – Kuwait

Abdullah Al Askari - Kuwait

Hi Joe, Thanks for the Certification diploma it is beautiful! and for all your help and support ..Rich ps please thank Mike as well for me..!! Rich Minzer

Rich Minzer

Mr. Joe, I love all the things you and the PROPTA Team are doing I have been forwarding your info to people I feel would be interested. I also like the books your using for your certifications. Sam M

Sam M.

Joe, I was writing a man about a job and commented on Propta and physique conditioning. Thought I would pass along some of what I wrote. Physique conditioning, being science, art and intuition elevates the everyday fitness experience from the mundane to the level of attention and care previously only available to the stars as well those in the elite strata of body enhancement, such as models and bodybuilders. The development of a body for fitness as well as ascetics requires a specific routine and daily regimen that tends to escape the average fitness enthusiast. Propta will be bringing the secrets of bodybuilding and physique conditioning to the masses of this nation, as well as the global community that it serves. I have received word that the Physique conditioning certification will be available soon and I hope to attain the additional certification of physique conditioning. Take Care Larry

Larry Moore

I love the awesome diplomas/certs———–I am so official now hahaha.It was the most rewarding school I could Imagine.All is well.I am up to 4 clients and I told someone the other day I don’t want many more then It would be tooo much like a job—now that’s a dirty word hahahaha—–All my best,Dominic Dominic Ferrera – Hells Angels

Dominic Ferrera

Dear Joe, Hope this mail reaches you well and in good health. In 2007 I receive a Private Trainer 1 certificate from your prestigious organization. Claude Groulx Master Mr. Olympia,was my instructor , and he helped us tremendously to receive the certificates. He was very professional , and during the lectures took his time to explain everything we needed to know in detail. This certificate has helped me on a personal level to achieve fitness goals i would never dreamed of reaching on my own. In addition, has helped my clients reach their goals and maintain them throughout. I have spoken to Claude lately about receiving and advanced certificate in private training from PROPTA. I am very much interested in this matter and would like to begin as soon as possible. After your approval of course. Kind Regards, Abdullah Al Askari – Kuwait

Abdullah Elaskari - Kuwait

Hey Joe, How are things in Propta world. I have been thinking about relocating. How are things at the Venice Golds? I was thinking of moving closer to the heartbeat of Propta. I’ll need some continuing education credits soon in order to maintain my certification. There is probably no better way of getting them than OJTing at Venice Golds with the Masters of Bodybuilding. What a privilege it would be if I could continue my Propta education at Venice Golds, the Mecca of Bodybuilding. Florida just isn’t for me. I decided not to interview for that training position here for I figured I would be moving on soon. Venice beach can be expensive. However, maybe I could land something with a decent rent in Venice. Roommates can be difficult to locate at first in California. As always I hope for you and Propta’s continued success. Moving upwards and onwards…the only question is where…LOL. Take Care Larry Truth and Reality Peace, Love and Harmony Larry Moore

Larry Moore

Good evening, Joe I just wanted to let you know I’ve decided to apply for enrollment in your May 2nd Academy. One of my buddy’s, Matt Byerts, suggested I look into the Academy and he has nothing but great things to say about his experience with the PTA. Matt and I could talk for hours about nutrition and bodybuilding and his recommendation carries a lot of weight with me. I am truly exited. Thanks and take care. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to learn and become involved. Dan Lederer

Dan Lederer

Hi Joe, Thanks for the Certification diploma it is beautiful! and for all your help and support ..Rich ps please thank Mike as well for me..!! Rich Minzer

Rich Minzer

Mr. Joe, I love all the things you and the PROPTA Team are doing I have been forwarding your info to people I feel would be interested. I also like the books your using for your certifications. Sam M

Sam M.

Joe, I was writing a man about a job and commented on PROPTA and physique conditioning. Thought I would pass along some of what I wrote. Physique conditioning, being science, art and intuition elevates the everyday fitness experience from the mundane to the level of attention and care previously only available to the stars as well those in the elite strata of body enhancement, such as models and bodybuilders. The development of a body for fitness as well as ascetics requires a specific routine and daily regimen that tends to escape the average fitness enthusiast. PROPTA will be bringing the secrets of bodybuilding and physique conditioning to the masses of this nation, as well as the global community that it serves. I have received word that the Physique conditioning certification will be available soon and I hope to attain the additional certification of physique conditioning. Take Care Larry Truth and Reality Peace, Love and Harmony


Hi Joe, how are you it’s been a while since we talked, so I just wanted to send you a quick email to ask how you are doing ? Hope everything is fine and business is also going well. Had such a great time last year in summer. It was a fantastic experience. Would so much love to come back and visit you again. I am currently in the US in TN visiting, but do not know if I have the enough time to come to Los Angeles. Becoming a personal trainer in the US would be awesome, but I guess that is not so easy with all the visa etc… Well, I have my german website set up with some pics in there of my last show in September. If you got the time, please take a look at it and let me know, what you think. It is: Have a great weekend and I look forward to hearing from you. Sven Hetler from Germany

Sven Hetler

Hi Joe, Igor and I had our final session with Mike Sable. We are really enjoying learning from him, and would love the chance to get whatever time we can with him. I will be working with a great deal of anorexic women and male dancers looking to increase muscle, and Mike has so much great info for me I would like to be able to get in clinic hours with him, he said that wouldn’t be a problem, could I just call him and set this up. Igor and I are both looking forward to being great reps of your training certification, and sending great people your way. Giving you guys a great deal of credit because no other certification seems to be interested in keeping the connection going after certification. also can you pass on the name and number of the insurance company I should be contacting to get set up? Craig Ramsay

Craig Ramsay

Joe, It was a very constructive and positive experience being trained by and being tested by Heinz Senior IFBB PRO. Miami and Propta, as well as myself are very lucky to have Heinz as a Personal Trainer and Propta Director. I will relate this story to help highlight the importance of individuals such as Heinz. Initially upon discovering Propta I tried to see if the local Golds gym could somehow find its way to support Propta in some manner. I was very disappointed in the response I received. Something along the lines of why would we want that here. I wondered what was the meaning of the rebuff. Much to my chagrin it was bodybuilding and the IFBB being labeled a meat-head syndrome. I myself have always been led by the bodybuilding spirit while exercising in the gym and amazed by its vast amount of science, whether I considered myself a bodybuilder or not. I can look back today and realize this, however never knew what it was in all those Muscle and Fitness, Flex, Musclemag International, Muscular Development magazines and cutting edge supplements by Weider, Champion, Twinlabs as well as the others that kept me going. The unknown soldier of the fitness world, the spirit of bodybuilding, gives even to those of us that do not realize its presence. The general fitness public just isn’t well aware of or educated in what science, motivation, spirit and care that bodybuilding and its people bring to the training table for each and every one of us, regardless of our fitness pursuits. Heinz’s presentation was and is exemplary as well as informative and goes a long way to dispel all the myths and negative imaging that go along with bodybuilding and being a bodybuilder as veiwed by an unaware public. I sure wish the manager of the Golds Gym could have seen and heard Propta Director Heinz Senior on the topic of personal training and the training of others. I think his response would be more like, we sure need that here! I look back and think about the many that were lost along the way for whatever reason or have passed on. The Metzners, Vince, Bertil, Dan and the many other knowns and unknowns with different names yet similar stories and experiences that have occurred in similar yet different ways. One thing rings true continually, in reality, United we Stand and with the likes of Propta and Heinz Senior exemplifying what we have all strove to be and create in ourselves as well as others, we will all, each and every one of us, live on in the spirit of bodybuilding, forevermore. Take Care Larry Truth And Reality Peace, Love And Harmony Larry Moore

Larry Moore

Joe Thanks Joe, Heinz was very amenable and very available for a Propta certification appointment. It, so far has been very easy and conducive to certifying. Heinz is a credit to the Propta organization as well as bodybuilding at large. Again, thanks for the contact and I hope, and I am sure, I will find Heinz as personable and a positive entity in person as I have over the telephone. Take Care John L

John L.

Hi Joe and Staff, I loved the 6 academy classes. What a revelation on mistakes and myths still prevalent in gyms today as well as all the information shared. As a businessman, I have been to the gamut of seminars. ProPTA are life changers. I have changed my workouts to conform to what we have learned and am plowing through the written material and the recommended books. I need to be assigned to a IFBB Pro in Venice for the internship hours as well as the Weight Loss/Nutritional internship. Just give me names and numbers to call and I am on it. My food handling class in on December 9. Working on the test this next few weeks. At your service PROPTA, Thank you Gary M.

Gary M.

Hi Joe, Just wanted to tell you what a great class we had the other day! I am very proud to be a part of the PROPTA! Bebe Geraldo

Bebe Geraldo

I love it Joe.You guys are awesome.I’m already telling other people who have trainers what they should be looking for Dominic Ferrera – Hells Angels

Dominic Ferrea

Hi Joe- Hope you are well. Ryan and I are continuing to pick up more and more clients, things are great! We are also continually hearing from our clients how much more effective they feel their training is with us compared to other trainers they’ve been with in the past. Thanks to PROPTA for that! Matt Byerts

Matt Byerts

Hi Joe- Just wanna say thanks for everything, from the knowledge regarding proper training technique, form, nutrition, etc. to all of the instruction on how to interact with clients and run a business. It has all been useful and beneficial. At a time when the economy is slowing, Ryan and I are having no trouble building a successful business. It’s great to be making money, and so satisfying to watch our clients change on a daily basis! So thank you Joe, and thanks for ProPTA. Hope to see you soon. Matt Byerts

Matt Byerts

Hi Joe, Thank you so very much for your kind words, I am so very happy to hear that I passed the exam and so very proud to be a member of the PROPTA!:) It was challenging and hard work, thus it feels like a true accomplishment. Ivan Z

Ivan Z

Hey Joe, I wanted to tell you/let you know that i’m going to be a father. Just found out about it a couple of days ago and i’m going like a mile a minute with all emotions hitting at once! First child and its due the day after my birthday. LOL. I’m very happy and i wanted to share this with you because you have helped/taught me a lot with all of your advice and knowledge. Thank you very much for being a positive influence on my life! Take care joe p.s. Joe i almost forgot to ask….. how do i become apart of the associates program? Thanks again Carlos Cardinas

Carlos Cardinas

hi joe:) i met with Jem today… what an amazing experience and wealth of knowledge. i know i am just tipping the iceberg of the nutrition/ exercise industry, but i feel like i have already learned so much from your courses and my meeting with Jem today… so thank you for all your help! it is much appreciated:)! Ali Pavoni

Ali Pavoni

Joe & Mike I wanted to send a Thank You for the information that you gave me on the first day of class. It feels like I’m starting all over again but with my eyes completely open this time. I practiced what was you and Mike showed the class on Saturday on Sunday and Tuesday. I lifted a lot lighter but got the same work out in less time. Kept the intensity as high as possible of course. I have to say that in one class i have learned more than in 3 years of practical work and guessing and checking (hahaha). Thank you once again. See you on Saturday, hopefully i show up at the right place this time. hahaha Carlos Cardinas

Carlos Cardinas

Hi Joe! It was great finally meeting you yesterday. I loved the class and can’t wait till next Saturday. Mike is an awesome teacher – he makes it fun and interesting. Great influence and knows his stuff to the max! In my experience with hiring personal trainers for myself…. I have learned what NOT to do -and- what to do. My personal trainer looked great, knew the fitness/health/nutrition industry verbatim BUT was not a positive influence towards me -and- talked about her personal problems while I was busting myself in my workout sessions with her. This was really quite annoying and I dreaded going to my sessions plus thinking about the money I spent to be put in a negative environment with her (I bought a package with her – it was around $70 a session if I remember correctly). Basically I was stuck with her till my package ended. Later I found out that most of her clients never lasted… apparently this could be why. Chalk this one up for the class to not do! I definitely need to obtain my CPR license thru you. I had a CPR license when I was employed as a program director with Bally Health Spas but it expired long ago. Anyways…attached is my headshot photo as you requested. Yours, Melissa B

Melissa B.

Hey Joe, Thanks so much for taking the time to send us those forms. Matt and I are both very excited on our journey all the while making some cash and doing what we love. Please keep us posted as upcoming events and news on the PROPTA. We hope to continue to grow and become part of the family. Maybe we’ll learn Russian and help you out overseas! haha ; ) I am not opposed! ha Alright thanks for the certificates and for your always generous help and advice. We both look forward to partnering and staying in the family of the PROPTA! Sincerely, Ryan VanDyke

Ryan VanDyke

hey joe, really learned a lot from the course. am excited to begin a new career. you have bee great help and i know i will be emailing you for more information. attached is my head shot. Gerry D.

Gerry D.

I am loving the course so far–I am learning a ton!!!! have a great week, Marnie Holley Marnie Holley – October 13, 2009

Marnie Holley - IFBB PRO

When I turn into the next Bob Harper (the trainer on The Biggest Loser), I’ll sing the praises of PROPTA for years to come, you have my word!! Thanks so much for everything Joe! Matt Byerts – October 07, 2009

Matt Byerts

Hello Stephanie, I attend the event on Saturday and found it very informative. I am looking forward to the next seminar. In Saturday’s session Joe mentioned that a seminar might be held at the academy this Sunday in Glendale. Would you be so kind to confirm and provide details as I would like to attend this session at the academy. Thank you and enjoy your day! Karla Ray – October 04, 2009

Karla Ray

Hi Joe and Michael … I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for everything – including today’s class which was absolutely amazing – or as I like to say: ‘cool beans’ (and ‘two fins up!!’) Coming back today really helped certain things ‘gel’ even more so & I greatly appreciate the opportunity. Of course, me being me, I still have a ‘practical exercise’ question (or 2!) – specifically: Sally Hughes- September 14, 2009

Sally Hughes

I have nothing but love for you and PROPTA; Aaron Cooper – September 09, 2009

Aaron Cooper

I like ISSA for the sports stuff and online nutrition course…but I LOVE PROPTA, it is more complete and more hands on, with pros, that makes a lot of difference to me, after my marathon I really want to start getting into “Bikini Competitor/model” shape, I realy want to compete as well as be on the cover of Oxygen:) Gina L – September 08, 2009

Gina L.

Hi Joe – just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything … I’ve really enjoyed your program and learned A LOT. Looking forward to my continuing education with the internships and also plan to return on the 5th … Feel strong in terms of text book knowledge but as you witnessed from my ‘butt-less squat,’ I need some more practical know-how. Don’t get me wrong, I can do many exercises with proper form, it’s just that I’d never tried things like lunges & squats prior to PROPTA. Anyhoo – Thank you again. I definitely want to intern for 1 day with Jem & ‘Zipper’ but am hoping some internships are also available closer to home (I live 2 blocks from TRAIN). Please let me know S Hughes – August 16, 2009

Sarah Hughes

Dear Joe, As I prepare for my first official public seminar at the soup plantation, I reflect on my training at PROPTA training (12 classes, 60 hours of Internships and growing) that I received which made me uniquely qualified to alter the conversation in the Diet/Fitness Industry. Dropping 75 lbs fat is important too. I have discovered the Diamonds in the Acres of Nutritional/Fitness Confusion. I have tested my way of expressing both training and fitness which can be as fun and irreverent as Master Sable. Most members in the gym get excited at how I explain something just as I do with the Fat Storage, Fat Neutral, Fat Burning environments in the body and how to control them. Wow is a common response. I cannot say enough about PROPTA. Garry Smith – August 12, 2009

Garry Smith

Sir/Ma’am This Saturday I completed my Practical Application Test with Malcolm Marshall. I forgot to have him sign the clinical hours sheets, so I will be mailing those off to him tomorrow morning, at this same time I will be mailing you a copy of my drivers license, CPR certification, and two passport photos. Other than advising you on the last two things I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity, I will establish my own business but genuine took this course because of aspiration to become a professional body builder, this course has given me the knowledge to do both. If you choose to quote me on this, it’s fine with me, “Pay the extra money to have the one on one sessions” I did it so that I could achieve two certifications, I have never met anyone so passionate, and professional as Malcolm Marshall he simultaneously saw his clients, trained me, and prepared for the NPC USA Championships. In closing I can not thank PROPTA, or Malcolm enough for the knowledge I have received over the last several weeks. GySgt Ronald “Chongo” Slone – August 03, 2009

Gy Sgt Ronald Slone

last Saturday, WOW, It was the best one yet and I so appreciate the opportunity to learn more! All righty, Joe – with that, I need to start building my fitness site and keep the dream alive. Thank you for everything. Pls. let me know when you’ll be training that gal at TRAIN and I’ll be there!! SH- October 17, 2009

Sarah H.

Hello Joe, This is great!!! As a matter of information, I’m so proud to be a member of PROPTA. It’s AWESOME!!! Would you also send me the information on reading labels? You mentioned in class; however I do not have a copy. Thank you. Karla Ray – October 19, 2009

Karla Ray

In the first 11 days I shed 2% body fat, the bloating was gone and the mid day slump was a thing of the past. That is a testament to clean whole food eating, proper amounts and a timed schedule coupled with the right targeting exercises. My hectic and on-the-move work schedule reflected in my eating, soreness and body changes. Teaching three Code Pink Boot Camp classes back to back, owning Si-Boards, LLC developing fitness products with testing and providing athletic training covering for sport teams did not allow much time for nutrition and recovery. Time for me to call on an expert. With Jem Welsh’s keen eye for proportions (down to the millimeter) and the knowledge to get quick results, I feel fantastic- my eyes are not dry, my skin glows and I am energized though the day. My body is taking on a defined and lifted look in proper proportion. Since I am no longer a competitive athlete it is time to change my body to overall fitness, flexibility and function for lifetime health. Jem is ensuring I change in the right direction. No cookie cutter program here- his plan is very specialized and takes my schedule, goals, dietary issues and current health into top priority. His plans are easy to follow with delicious recipes and ideas. Additionally, Jem is very well rounded with holistic and natural remedies for your intestinal health and lymphatic system to move the toxins out. Every time Jem and I have a conversation or I listen to his presentations I learn something new. Encyclopedia Jem’s vast knowledge about current research, trends and cultural history of foods is amazing. I thoroughly enjoy my meetings with him. We talk as health care professionals, exercise enthusiasts/fanatics and as a client needing the guidance of an expert. I take comfort in knowing he is well educated and understands the biochemistry between my body, foods and supplements. As a Certified Athletic Trainer specializing in sports medicine, one of my favorite jobs is with the United States Soccer Federation. I’m traveling to Argentina with a national youth team and Jem whipped up an eating guide for my trip- that’s passion and excitement for his clients. When looking for a nutritionist to best suit you, make sure they are passionate about their profession and have a vested interest to help you. Jem has proven he is the right guy. Elysia Tsai, M.Ed., ATC._ Certified Athletic Trainer – November 16, 2009

Alysia Tsai M.Ed, ATC

Thank you so much! I am extremely humbled by the news. I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to be part of your amazing team. For the past 2 years PROPTA has given me a chance to pursue my dreams and become a personal trainer. With that, i have helped so many people whether with training or diet. Many of my clients have achieved goals they would never dream of achieving. Thanks to you and PROPTA i am able to pass over the knowledge, the technique , and the science to help others. I am very proud to be a PROPTA instructor and i will continue to help others with my new certifications. abdullah Alaskari, Kuwait – November 16, 2009

Abdullah Alaskari - Kuwait

Joe I would do anything for you and PROPTA. You have been a good friend over the short time we have known each other. Your counsel has been well received and put into practice for the things we have discussed. I am hoping one day to be as successful as you and Mike in the Personal training world. Mark Alvord – November 18, 2009

Mark Alvord

SIR Thank you so much for being accommodating and approachable, you have impart on me new knowledge and information in the world of fitness profession .It give me more confidence and enthusiasm to be a Private Trainer. MORE POWER TO YOU AND THE PROPTA GROUP Respectfully yours Alexander D. Cerilo Alexander D. Cerilo – November 19, 2009

Alexander D. Cerilo

Madam/Sir, Thank you so much for mailing me my PROPTA Personal Trainers Certificate that I received yesterday; Dec. 07, 2009. . Wow! You’ve placed our certificate to very nice folder. Thanks again and more POWER to PROPTA. Very Truly Yours, Alexander D. Cerilo – December 08, 2009

Alexander D. Cerilo

PROPTA has been an asset for us here too and i look forward to another fruitful relationship in 2010. Mylene Dane – December 22, 2009

Mylene Dane - Train Fitness Center West Hollywood. CA

Dear Dr. Antouri, I hope you and your family had a safe and happy new year. I would like to thank PROTA, yourself, and Claude for all the help, support, and the knowledge that was passed on to me during this course. Truly I am learning valuable information that is changing other people’s lives as well as my own. PROPTA has proven to be the superior training academy among private training. I have people with ISSA and ACE certificates asking me all kinds of questions about food and training. These people are also interested in attaining PROPTA certificates, because they have noticed the the knowledge, the methods of training, and how PROPTA always puts nutrition first. I have already guided them to the website for all the info necessary. Please find attached my CNS Exam. Also attached is the meal plan (answer to question 10 in essay section). Please note that I have turned in both training exams back in Nov 2009, so the CNS is what is left to complete this course. Kindly confirm exam has been received by replying to this mail. I look forward to finding out how I did. Best Regards, Abdullah Al Askari- January 04, 2010


I got the info and very excited to go to the academy to finish what i started. Thank you once again for being so wonderful and understanding, it was a pleasure meeting you. Best Wishes Christina Avila – January 27, 2010

Christina Avila

Dear Dr. Antouri, I have finally received my certificates in the mail. I would like to thank u for all the help and support that you’ve shown in the past 8 months. Im very proud of my achievement , and i distinguish myself among personal trainers and nutritionist. thank you again. Im in the process of opening up my own private training facility, thanks to you and PROPTA , i am following my dream and making it come true. I will keep you posted as the project develops. are there any other material that i can benefit from ? the DVDs were very helpful. please let me know if i can order other material that will add to my knowledge. Kind Regards, Abdullah Alaskari- March 02, 2010

Abdullah Alaskari - Kuwait

I want to pick your brain about supplementation development, I have an idea I want to run by you for help. On another note I have been playing around with Vince Girondas workout routines with PROPTA intelligence infused with it. I have dropped 10lbs of body fat. Still have more to go but its a work in progress. Its like you and Mike say. Do a lot of work in a short period of time, the weights dint matter. Great stuff. Mark Alvord – March 09, 2010

Mark Alvord

Hi Joe, I am back in business. I am working a full time job and have 4 clients i see on a private basis. I was wondering what your method on advertising is. I am working out of a private gym and life is great, thanks to you. Glenn Rodriguez – March 16, 2010

Glenn Rodriguez

Hi Joe!! Everagain I want to thank you and Mike Sable for the great class!! Feels like we are family and I am definitely coming back to listen more to you in the future!! Hanna Dios – March 21, 2010

Hanna Dios

PROPTA is the most professional agency I have ever dealt with. The training I received not only met but exceeded my expectations, the same can be said for the level of knowledge I received from completing this course. There is never a dull moment being a senior leader in the Marine Corps with a work ethic like mine, but as painful as it was I can not wait to sign up for my next course of study. Ronald Slone – March 30, 2010

Ronald Slone

As I continue on with your course stuff and im very detailed so, i read EVERYTHING….it amazes me your knowledge pool and what you have created!! I mean Really really really amazing….your growing empire PROPTA is by far the best training out there and I’m very lucky to be able to be part! R.Lee Q – April 06, 2010

R. Lee Quarisma - IFBB PRO

I – as always- loved the seminar! Loved shopping with Joe! I would appreciate ALOT if we could make a field trip to a supplement/ vitamin store as well. There are sooooo many different kinds of vitamins and BCAA, capsules, tablets, powders etc, it is hard to know what is good and what isn’t…thx Hanna D. – April 12, 2010

Hanna D.

Hi Mr Joe. This is Ali hassan Hussain from kuwait Hilton Resort hope you remember me sir. I sent you an email regarding PROPTA Certification, and I did all my Nutrition and PT Exam with Mr Claude Groulx and tomorrow i will send you the Exam paper. I really gained alot of knowledge on Personal training and Nutrition from Mr. Claude Groulx, his teaching technique is amazing and I really appreciate your support and thanks to you now I have a chance to be a part of PROPTA. This will help me alot to grow my future as a Certified Personal Trainer here in Kuwait. Ali Hassan Hussain – April 12, 2010

Ali Hassan Hussain - Kuwait

I’ve been meaning to email you guys to let you know that I saw and read the article in the July issue of Flex magazine about PRO PTA. Saw the pic of Joe and Joe:) Congrats to all of you!!! I’m am glad that I can say I’m a part of the PRO PTA:) Thanks guys!!! Keep up the good work!!! Ceasar Rodriguez – June 15, 2010

Ceasar Rodriguez

I just finished my Personal Training and Nutrition Certification with the ProPTA. I choose to do the 6 week one-on-one with instructor Tony Falce. I have absolutely no regrets with either decision, both the ProPTA and Tony are so professional and very helpful. I could really tell they wanted to help me succeed. One of the many benefits you get with ProPTA is the one-on-one. I looked into other certification companies and none of them offered the hands on training. I personally would suggest everyone interested in being the very best in their field to take advantage of the one-on-one. Tony helped explain each exercise and also as a trainer what you need to look for with every fitness level, So you can safely correct your clients form or know when they should either go up or down in weight. Personal Training is a hands on field and I could have never learned so much information without the help from Tony. Another huge benefit I found with the PROPTA is the association. Once you graduate you are a member of a huge network of people that want to help each other succeed. They offer help with insurance, doctors, lawyers, accountants, anyone that you will need to help you set-up your new company. I have absolute faith that the PROPTA can help your dreams of being a Personal Trainer come true too! Good Luck & Have fun!! Gwyn Christensen Personal Trainer / Nutritionist Henderson, Las Vegas

Gwyn Christensen

Dear Joe: Hi! I hope this message finds you very well and happy! I’m writing to you in regards to the above subject line, Ms. Quaresma. I have just completed 7 1/2 clinical hours with her and was very pleased on how she has helped me. She was very pleasant, professional, knowledgable, always willing to help out, give insightful effective information, demonstrating every movement, proper form & every aspect of every single workout … I can go on and on! I’ve learned so much from her; some learnings which I will utilize for a variety of effective workout (with some nutrition tips!) program for my future clients! She’s amazing, a definite asset of PROPTA. Which makes me even more proud to be part of the family! Warm regards, Billie B.

Billie B.

Dear Joe, I am so proud to be a PROPTA certified trainer. listen to what happened. I went on a hiking trip to New Hampshire in August, and in route I stayed at my grandmothers on Long Island, NY, for a few days. I went an Equinox branch located around the corner from her in Manhasset, NY. I showed them my PROPTA ID Card, and they waived my guest fee, for the night. While there I corrected 2 of their employees separately, doing hyper extensions. They were coming too far up, and arching their back. They were both demonstrating, for other members. I explained the difference to them. One of them happened to be the personal trainer’s manager, and I had a long conversation with her. She told me they are always looking for new trainers, and encouraged me to give them a resume, they are interested in hiring me. I told her I would possibly be back the area in mid-October. Brian K.- October 18, 2010

Brain K.

Hi Joe! Its Cynthia Czarnecki!! Just wanted to let you know how the Border States went in S.D. this past weekend! I won 1st Place in my class- Open Bikini Class D!! So excited! It was a huge show!! I think close to 200 competitors total. But I am awaiting feedback because I am thinking of going back to Figure! I feel its a better suit for my athletic look! But on a high!!! Hope your having a wonderful day! Keep teaching us and motivating us to push on in this amazing world of Fitness and Health! Best, Cynthia Cynthia D. – November 02, 2010

Cynthia Czarnecki

Thanks Joe for all your help. Ironically enough yesterday I had interview, with another local fitness center, and this one went extremely well. It made me glad that the other places didn’t work out. It’s called Zumba MAX FIT. It’s a 24 hr fitness center, and both manager ended my interview after about an hour, with their status as “Very Interested”. They want me working office hours too. Basically they seem to want me to be a significant part of their, operations. I’m meeting, with them again later today to discuss some more specifics. One of the, women I spoke, with yesterday is a bikini contest competitor. And we had an in-depth discussion about her nutritional program differences in, and out of seasons. I explained a little about what I learned in your course. 75ml of blood, per 100 grams of muscle, to achieve maximum exertion. The difference between correct, and incorrect hyper extensions. And why arching your back in hyper extensions is actually promoting injury. They loved me. I want to discuss some more about ms. bikini contests training program, because she really wants this year to be her year. She already has a trainer, but he has her basically starving herself, for 10 days, before competitions. She needs to be more comfortable in her presentation, and captivating, with her performance to take the show. All I thought about after our meeting was all the stuff Mike Sable said about competitions. How Arnold has no triceps, and still won all the time. She’s really hot stuff Joe. She been ranking in the top 15, so far out of hundreds, of girls. She’s kind of short, but I think she could take 1st, with the right mind set. I’m looking, for a graveyard shift over there on a regular basis. I’ll start giving out business cards all over the place as soon as I’m officially apart of their, operation. It’s an excellent start, for my career. I’ll use my time doing office work, with them to prepare, for my own place eventually. It’s about 3 miles from my house, so worst case I can walk, or ride my bike to work. It’s about time too. I was getting frustrated not having anyway to put my knowledge, and certification to beneficial use. Now I can work towards my Level 2 certification. Brian K Brian K – January 25, 2011

Brian K.

Hi Joe! Happy Monday!!! I want to thank you with all my heart! I got the job with LA FITNESS they gave me a higher hrly rate!!! I just taught my first class with them this am in the Marina del Rey location. I will be teaching in Universal, La Cienega, and Westwood locations too! This will keep me busy through the winter months when it starts to rain and I cannot do my boot camp classes outstide. BEBE G. – September 26, 2011

Bebe Geraldo - IFBB PRO

Joe, you are the best, you really gave me a boost of energy and motivation when i most need it. It would be a great present for my birthday in July to be able to really get my business running. Thanks a million Elad. Elad Navon, Israel – June 26, 2012

Elad Navon - Israel

Hello Joe, I truly appreciate your help. I recently started to build my small business and have realized that earning the PROPTA certification is really the best compared to the other companies that are flooding the market with mistaken information. The trainers I meet lack experience, and some of them provide wrong applications of training programs to their clients. I try to make the difference by staying up to date and by talking about what I know instead of giving false hope. I am really grateful for everything I learned at the academy. As always, I wish I can give back and wanted to inform you that if you need someone to help out at the Fitness Expo in Los Angeles, CA, I will be glad to be part of the event. It will be an honor to be part of the Expo with a representative role rather than a visitor for the 2013 edition. Sebastian Leria – December 04, 2012

Sebastian Leria

Hi Joe! I took your certification the PROPTA a couple of years ago and I am now living in Texas and I just bought a gym! I want to thank you for your advise and teaching. I am very confident working with anyone since I took the course. Christy Le Fevre – October 30, 2012

Christy Le Fevre

Joe, Thank you for opening the door for me and letting me in to a bigger world. Hans Larrave – October 13-2012

Hans Larrave

Hello Joe! I hope this is everything, please let me know if there is anything else needed. Thank you for your help and support throughout the study. I know that I have only just scratched the surface, and am looking forward to continuing. No to worry, I have no intention of becoming lazy. In fact, I will see you after I get back from vacation. I appreciate your time and dedication to each student, hopefully we make you proud. Rachael Gerstel – June 28, 2012

Rachael Gerstel

Thanks a lot Joe. I’ve been wanting to let you know that that I learned more in this year’s class with You teaching. Leila B.- December 02, 2012

Laila B.

JOE, A GREAT seminar last night..still a little disappointed that I have to give up my fruit juices though. Thanks for the info. I’ll see you there! Lance Paul – October 23, 2012

Lance Paul

JOE, I am practicing everything you have taught me and it has been of great use to me. Thank you so much for your help. I am looking forward to receiving the nutrition tech books soon so that I can learn more! Rhea Shroff- August 14, 2013

Rhea Shroff - India

JOE, You were right! I really enjoyed these live lectures online, 1 hour felt like 5 minutes because he got my attention all the time, Mike Sable did a great job, it was easy to understand what he convey, funny too and never boring. I clicked on a PDF file that showed up after ending the course and got a certification of completion of the course. Ok, whats next? Have a nice day! Hans Egil Boe- October 14-2013

Hans Egil Boe

Joe, Thank you for the course books, all were very professional,and even after 30 years in the business and a PhD hanging on the wall, I was not bored and I did learn more facts and updates. I appreciate your “grandfathering” me in and issuing my certificates, I will proudly display them in my main store. I have a new office as well (so I can work in peace) so please send any and all mailings to me there, and that way there is no chance of materials sitting unopened on a desk in one of the stores. send to….Doc Hall PhD Ocala, Florida 34470. I am very pleased,proud and excited about the workshop dates you suggested, both are good for us and we have locked them on the schedule for Feb. 1st and March 1st 2014. I am making special arrangements for the Hilton hotel for student discounts on rooms and meals. I have two restaurants who will supply food direct to our complex, so the students do not have to drive anywhere, and we will have a lounge area set up for their comfort. DOC HALL, PhD. Florida October 15-2013

Doc Hall PhD.

hey Joe, I hope this email finds you in great health. it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to anyone other than Jem through facebook. I just wanted to let you know that though I didn’t finish the course, I learned a great deal and through your teaching along with mike, your vast knowledge and great humility you taught me that life isn’t just about money or a great physique but instead its about living a longer, healthier and happier life being able to help others achieve the goals they have set themselves to be happy. thank you for everything and the opportunity to be part of the fitgum study. take care and may God bless you, your family and all of PROPTA. hope to hear from you soon you truly are one of the inspirations I try to emulate. Hans Reyes- October 29-2013

Hans Reyes

JOE, It’s me Chris Kang – your student- I just want to wish you a special Happy Thanks Giving. And I am looking forward to continuing my journey with PROPTA. Thank you for your teaching. Chris Kang – November 28-2013

Chris Kang

Sir joseph, I have just read your email tonight i wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart i know i learn from the best I am gonna remember all the things you teach me. I am still in the process of applying it first to myself then share the learnings to others with pay:) I hope to see you again Mr.Antouri and learn more.thank you Gerald Remorozo – January 7-2014

Gerald Remorozo

Joe, You are the second person to know (i only called my mom first) : i got the much awaited approval from the Israel Sports Ministry Committee. I just received the phone call from the office 5 minutes ago. I can not express my feeling of joy and relief. i Can finally push myself and my career forward doing what i do best with commitment and passion. Thank you so much for all your support, assistance and guidance throughout the process. You are one of a kind and i’m glad to have met you and the rest of the PROPTA staff. I couldn’t ask more for my upcoming birthday. I just needed a chance, i never sought for shortcuts. Now i have no excuses. I must succeed. long live the PROPTA! Elad Navon – Israel

Elad Navon - Israel

Joe. Could you please give me access to the live lecture videos for nutrition, I need to refresh again. Also the books you gave me for the Nutrition are amazing. I never thought this could work so well. Thank you for everything Joe, you took my career to the next level. Aloha – Cheers Alija Langer – Hawaii

Alija Langer

Hi Joe, hope all has been well. I just wanted to give you an update. I’ve had an amazing journey since I saw you last.I’ve utilized the tools PROPTA has taught me. I’m approaching my second competition. I moved back down to the valley, got a PT job at Equinox, and doing private training. The picture on the left was a few weeks before we met, the middle picture is right before my first competition and the right picture is two days ago. Thank you for all your knowledge. Abel L. – Los Angeles

Abel L.

Joe, I am practicing everything you have taught me and it has been of great use to me. Thank you so much for your help. I am looking forward to receiving the nutrition tech books soon so that I can learn more!

Rhea Shroff

The books you gave me for the Nutrition are amazing. I never thought this could work so well. Thank you for everything Joe, you took my career to the next level!

Alija Langer