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Certification Procedures Step by Step

PROPTA Rules & Procedures Step by Step.

All Rules and Procedures will apply to all Personal Trainers and students enrolling in the program. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Step 1:

All Personal Trainers and students must apply online and pay the fee required to execute the order for enrollment in the Personal trainer certifications or nutrition certifications program.

Step 2:

Application must be approved and processed within 2 days of receipt. An e-mail will be sent to the applicant if application is not complete or not accepted. A full refund will be applied only if application is not approved by the PROPTA office.

Step 3:

Materials will be shipped directly to the personal trainer student’s address on the application. A proof of delivery is always applied with a tracking number to ensure receipt.

Step 4:

All personal trainers students are responsible for reading the material and taking the exams. A written exam for all certification courses must be taken and submitted electronically within the time required.

Step 5:

All personal trainers students must take the practical exams proctored by a PROPTA IFBB director/examiner assigned by the corporate office.
For Personal Trainers certifications, the practical exam will be performed hands on at the gym.
For Nutrition Certifications, the practical/verbal exam will be performed at a location specified conveniently by the PROPTA office.

Step 6:

All personal trainers students must fulfill the clinical hours required for all certification courses. Required Clinical hours must be applied and supervised by the PROPTA Director/Examiner.

For Personal Trainers:

Practical internship of 20 hours is required with no extra cost to personal trainer – the student. An authorization checklist must be signed by the supervising official and returned to the PROPTA office for credits toward the certification course.

For Nutrition students:

Practical internship of 20 hours is required with no extra charge to the student. Internship could be done at a vitamin store, a weight loss clinic, a hospital, with a PROPTA Director or a registered Dietitian in the area who deals with diet and nutrition therapy. An authorization checklist must be signed by the supervising official and returned to the PROPTA office for credits toward the certification course. Approval is mandatory prior to internship to insure proper education and security.

Step 7:

A CPR certification must be current or obtained during the process and time of curriculum. No Internet CPR certification accepted or recommended. CPR certification must be provided by a hospital, fire department, police department, or school. Red Cross or American Heart Association CPR certification are recommended and accepted. CPR certification must be presented along with all exams and requirements by the deadline of the material presented to the PTA office for graduation.

Step 8:

Food Handler’s Certification:

All personal trainers students must obtain a Food Handler’s Certification. It is offered in all states and is mandatory to obtain a nutrition certification.

Proper food safety website will offer PROPTA Students a convenient way to study and obtain the certification with an online course structured specifically to PROPTA personal trainers and nutrition students. click here to register for the course

Step 9:

A current driver’s license (or state-issued I.D.) is required by all students for proper identification; NO EXCEPTIONS.

Step 10:

Please allow 2 weeks for exam corrections. An e-mail will be sent to you upon completion of correction of your written exam.

Remember: all written exam must be electronically typed and submitted via e-mail; no more handwritten exams will be accepted (we cannot read them). If a handwritten exam is submitted, it will be returned; NO time extension will be given to redo the exam. NO HANDWRITTEN EXAMS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Step 11:

Upon completion of all exams and CPR certification, driver’s license and required clinical hours, a Certification will be issued and sent to you by registered mail. All students must pass all exams to be certified by the PTA.

All elements must be completed:

  • Food Handler’s Permit
  • Written exam (Typed and e-mailed unless it is an online course)
  • Practical exam (Proctored by PROPTA Director/Examiner)
  • Clinical hours (at an approved location prior to commencing clinical hours)
  • CPR certification (current)
  • Driver’s License (current)

If you have any questions please call or e-mail PROPTA corporate office at  TEL: 818-766-3317


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