PROPTA Advanced Personal Trainer Certification Course

     Advanced Theoretical and Proper Biomechanic Approach

PROPTA Advanced Personal Trainer Certification

     This course teaches the student ADVANCED theoretical approach and ADVANCED Proper Biomechanics approach needed to excel and apply knowledge as a Certified Personal Trainer.

The curriculum will include the following advanced study in depth:

    • Bio-mechanics, muscle structure, skeletal structure, kinesiology, anatomy & physiology, nervous and cardiovascular systems, human performance. Advanced strength and free weight training. Advanced Aerobic and Anaerobic training, designing and implementing exercise programs for all ages and preventative and post-rehabilitative programs.
    • Practical application instruction and exam.


Advanced Personal Trainer Certification Course$800.00$1,800.00

advance to advanced levels

As an applicant you will have a choice of advancing to advanced level in the following courses:

    • Advanced Personal trainer
    • Advanced Power Lifting coach
    • Youth health and fitness instructor
    • Boxing/kick boxing instructor
    • Older adults fitness instructor

Requirement to complete the course

    • Online exam / unlimited attempts within the time allowed
    • Practical exam hands on proctored by a PROPTA director/examiner in a gym atmosphere
    • 20 hands on clinical hours prior to taking the practical exam
    • Food Handlers Certification / Only for Nutrition courses

eligibility for advance personal trainer certification level

The following eligibility requirements have been adopted for the Advanced level Personal Trainer Certification courses: Proof must be provided.

    • Must have at least 2 years of active hands on Personal Training
    • Must be Certified as a Personal Trainer
    • Must be Certified as a Nutrition Tech
    • Must have a CPR Certification
    • Must have Safety Food Certification


Every time I go to the academy I learn so much more. Wanted to thank you for taking care of your students and keeping them educated. I got me a new car, because I learned so much at the academy. Thank you again Joe. Matt Holmes Brand New Energy Inc.

Hey Joe, I really learned a lot from the course. I’m excited to begin a new career. You have been a great help and i know i will be emailing you for more information. Gary B.

Joe, I have been wanting to tell you that I never dreamed to be sitting down with the PROS and exchanging words, especially about a subject that I like, for once in my life, being at the academy, I felt so good, not only did I learn so much more than I have ever learned from other certifications, but I had a lot of fun learning. Especially when it got to the practical application, you guys know what you are doing. No one taught this before like you do. I do have other certifications under my belt and they are going to end up in the garbage, what a waist of money and time, I cannot wait to see you again next Saturday, I am so excited. Please tell Mike Sable that we love his lecture. I know this is for six weeks but I wish I can come to the academy every week, it is so great. Joanna Beckwith

Dear Joe This is my 4th day of the academy and I have to tell you that I am full of information that I never thought I can obtain, especially in one place. Mike Ergas was great, he tells it like it is, man this guy is in shape, I wish I can look like him one day. The lecture gave me so much to think about, business is important and clients come first like you said. I know you were taping the lecture. Can I have a copy of Mike Ergas lecture, it is great to have for business purpose. See you next week. Alex M.

Joe, You are so great, I love the lectures especially with Rob , with my age in the late forties, I am sure I can get some elders to train with me now I understand the theory of proper application, Mike Sable is great, I cannot believe I was training my clients wrong all these years and nobody noticed. Now when I am at the gym, I look at everybody and I wonder where they got certified from, so sad. But that is OK for me because all their clients will end up my clients soon. I promise. You and your team are the best. Jackeline P.

Hi Joe, I would like to give you my opinion about your organization and I hope you will read this message, I have started my curriculum with Angie two weeks ago and I have 4 more weeks to go, I must inform you that Angie is incredible, the amount of knowledge is oozing out of her. I love to listen to her while she is lecturing. When I learned about your program, I thought I had to go to California or do it online, I am not a person for the online education stuff, I like visual and practical application, and now I know why. I wanted to thank you and thank angie for giving a second chance in business, I will make this business so good to me because of you and her. Thank you. Brian S.

PROPTA in action

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