PROPTA Advanced Personal Trainer Certification

What does it take to achieve the best personal trainer certification and Develop a thriving personal training business?

First, you must complete the most thorough and comprehensive personal trainer certification available in the country.

PROPTA Advanced Personal Trainer Certification

This program teaches the student ADVANCED theoretical approach needed to excel and apply knowledge as a Professional Personal Trainer course of study program must be completed in 90 days.

The curriculum will include the following advanced study in depth:

    • Bio-mechanics, muscle structure, skeletal structure, kinesiology, anatomy & physiology, nervous and cardiovascular systems, human performance. Advanced strength and free weight training. Advanced Aerobic and Anaerobic training, designing and implementing exercise programs for all ages and preventative and post-rehabilitative programs.
    • Practical application instruction and exam.

All courses that PROPTA offers will include sessions of instructions from a director-examiner. Also keep in mind that PROPTA support is always available, just a phone call away or email.

As an applicant you will have a choice of advancing to advanced level in the following courses:

    • Advanced Personal trainer
    • Advanced Power Lifting coach
    • Youth health and fitness instructor
    • Boxing/kick boxing instructor
    • Older adults fitness instructor

The following are required to complete the course of study to graduate:

    • Written exams submitted by email only (typed with the questions)
    • Practical exam hands on proctored by a PROPTA director/examiner in a gym atmosphere
    • 20 hands on clinical hours prior to taking the practical exam
    • CPR certification
    • Food Handlers Certification / only for Nutrition courses

Am I eligible for the Advanced level certification course?

The following eligibility requirements have been adopted for the Advanced level Certification courses:

    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • level 1 Personal trainer certification
    • Nutrition Tech certification
    • one year of personal training (proof of certification must be presented)


Advanced Personal Trainer Certification Course$800.00$1,800.00
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