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Master Professional Personal Trainer Certification Course

The Master Professional Personal Trainer Certification provides fitness professionals with the opportunity to earn an advanced fitness certification that is unparalleled in the industry. It’s the only accredited fitness certification with extensive programming for the most common diseases and disorders seen on a regular basis by fitness professionals.

According to recent studies and research, these frequently encountered health issues fall into one of the following categories: cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic and musculoskeletal — all of which are the focus of this certification. In addition, this credential addresses advanced programming for older adults, youth and pre  and post-natal women; nutrition and business communication and strategy.


PROPTA introduced the Master Professional Personal Trainer Certification to meet the growing demands of clients and the advanced fitness professionals providing preventative and post-rehabilitative fitness programs. Becoming an a Master Professional Trainer will give you the credentials to work with special populations, taking a leadership role in helping them to improve their fitness levels and overall health. You can market your services directly to fitness clubs, community health clinics, hospitals and senior facilities. This is an incredible opportunity that has been largely ignored. The possibility for growth and professional recognition are virtually untapped.


To Advance to the Master Trainer Level, you are required to be

  • currently certified as a Professional Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience and practical application. All registrations will be carefully chosen and approved  by the President of the Personal Trainers Association.
  • Currently certified as a Nutrition Supervisor with over 5 years of experience and practical application.

The Master Personal Trainer Level is the only level that will allow the candidate to certify students worldwide under the umbrella of the PROPTA. After passing the required course, you will be accepted into the PROPTA family among the PROS as a Director / Examiner.


No renewal fees will be applied to anyone qualified and certified into this program as long as you are an active member for the Personal Trainers Association and you have met all the criteria and hours for education and experience. 


Please Note:
Approval was granted by:

  1. Endorsed by the IFBB PRO League
  2. Approved and Endorsed by the National Fitness League ” The NFL of Fitness”

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