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Course Testing

As a requirement for all courses offered by “PROPTA”the Professional Personal Trainers Association, all students must take and pass all written exams, online exams and proctored pracatical exams. A 90% score must be obtained to pass NO exceptions.

Written Exams:

Written exams must be submitted by e-mail. No hand written exams are accepted, all written exams must be typed.

Practical Exams:

Practical exams must be performed and proctored at a gym atmosphere by a PROPTA Director/Examiner only.

Exam retake:

In case a written exam is not successful, PROPTA will allow all students to resubmit the written exam to be corrected. One try is allowed without any charge, if more then one try, a fee or $100.00 will be charged.

In case of a practical exam is not successful, student must pay a fee of $100.00  to retake. All scheduled practical exams must be initiated by the corporate office to insure proper scheduling. All fees must be paid in advance. 30 days extension is applied. Student must not cancel any appointment or a fee will be applied again.

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