Become A Certified Personal Trainer

What does it take to achieve the best personal trainer certification and Develop a thriving personal training business?

First, you must complete the most thorough and comprehensive personal trainer certification available in the country.


One On One Personal Trainer Certification Courseone-on-one

     The Professional Personal Trainers Association personalized One on One course is an intensive 3 or 6 weeks, any day course, One certificate course for Personal Trainer Certificate or Two Certificate courses for Personal Trainer and Nutrition Tech,  with a curriculum divided among practical application hands on and discussions with a PROPTA Professional athlete director or an IFBB PRO professionals.

     The benefit of these study courses is that you will have a chance to ask all the questions you may have and get One on One instructions with the Director, discussions can be related to a wide range of information, including:

Personal Trainer Course

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Biomechanics
  • Muscle Structure – Muscle Movement – Muscle insertion
  • Skeletal Structure
  • Kinesiology – Physiology
  • Nervous and Cardiovascular Systems

Practical Experience

  • Introduction to the Gym Floor
  • Proper Spotting Techniques 
  • Health Evaluations 
  • Equipment & Free Weight Utilization 
  • Hands-on instructional Training

To complete the course you must:

  • Attend all meetings ( failure to complete all meeting required will result in additional fee for extra time for another meeting $100.00 US Dollars per meeting )
  • Submit all written exams and quizzes on time prior to due date.
  • Submit all clinical hours ( 20 hands on clinical hours shadowing a director in real live training session)
  • Submit a copy of a government ID, or a passport.
  • Submit a food handlers certification designed for personal trainers.
  • Pass all hands on Practical and verbal exams. ( you must prove to us that you are ready to perform, so we put you through a test).

     You will obtain one Certificate per course upon meeting all requirements. All material included in the fee for your program including the lectures, the hands on practical, the written or online exam and the practical exam. You will be tested by a written and oral exams, no exceptions. A copy of your driver’s license along with a CPR certification must be submitted.

This program can be started at anytime.
     All books, exams and scheduled meetings with the PROPTA director are included in the fee for this program. A time limit is set when you sign up for this program to be concluded. A late fee will be assessed if late exams or meetings are not turned in or scheduled on time prior to that completion date. Date is set according to time of registration. A 90 day program limit for all students on all courses, no exceptions.

      Anyone will benefit from the Professional Personal Trainers Association commitment to creating an atmosphere of aptitude, personalization and in-depth information delivered by industry and world-renowned professionals; all in an effort to create the highest level of understanding and practical skills.

      Learn the knowledge and skills necessary to design and implement safe, effective and unique programs benefiting every every one with this curriculum…
All students must pass with an 90% score on all exams.Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of Certificate at completion of curriculum.

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One on One - 3 Sessions Personal Trainer Certification Course$800.00$1,000.00
One on One - 6 Sessions 2 certifications course$1,500.00$1,800.00