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One On One Certification Study Course-Skype (Global)

Personal Trainer Certification course on SKYPE

Nutrition Tech Certification course on SKYPE

SKYPE courses can be  applied to either
the Personal Trainer or the Nutrition Tech or both.

Welcome to the PROPTA SKYPE education center. We are proud to introduce to you the new way to get an education, GET CERTIFIED in the comfort of your home. Unlike a home course study, were you get the books and exams without any instructions or guidance.

PROPTA “The Personal Trainers Association” is committed to always bring you new ways to help you grow and become your own business as an independent with the proper education and instructions.

PROPTA professional athletes and directors will communicate with you via SKYPE. The courses will be taught either by group of students or by One on One sessions.

Video Conferencing for classes has never been easier than with SKYPE. Online classes can enhance the experience with students and teachers from different campuses and locations from around the world. Live lectures, discussions and demonstrations for practical application that students can easily understand and perform.

This is not a taped lecture, it is the real thing, face to face, which is the perfect solution for tutoring and clarifying information. Online professors at PROPTA use skype through video chat.

On Skype you can meet the pros behind the books. At PROPTA we can share with you all educational presentations, power point presentation for more clarifications, correct you with your form in practical application, instantly over SKYPE.

Your practical application exam will be done on Skype so don’t worry we are here to correct and help you succeed.
The way this works:

  • Computer
  • Camera for computer internet
  • Free subscription on Skype
  • Registration on PROPTA for the course
  • Time to learn via Skype with a director

What you get when you register online:

  • Online books (you may also purchase the books separately to be mailed to you prior to starting the course)
  • Hand outs
  • online exam
  • online practical application
  • online proper bio-mechanics
  • online meetings with PROPTA directors
  • online chat with PROPTA directors

If you wish to receive the books and material for the courses, a fee of $75 US Dollars for USA students and a fee of $100 US Dollars for international students will apply. Please let us know so we can mail you the books ahead of time.

Courses offered through PROPTA Skype:

  1. Personal trainer course
    • Strength training, muscular development, preventing injuries, proper stretching, improving balance, flexibility, mobility and stability, improving bone density to help combat osteoporosis, propter spotting and proper bio-mechanics, train anyone for any sport safely, success business principles, presentation and sales techniques.
  2. Nutrition Tech course
    • Protein, carbohydrates, and fat digestion, vitamins and minerals, fluid replacement, diet & will power, eating for energy,      fat metabolism, weight management, performance nutrition, application and monitoring, thermoregulation and hydration.

Languages offered at the moment:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Finish
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

Coming soon

  • Arabic

when does the class start:

Classes are offered either one on one or by groups.

  1. Classes for One on One can start at anytime
  2. The group classes will start according the date mentioned below. Please email us  to stay updated on the group classes dates so you may register on start with the class.

How long are the lectures:

  • Lectures could average from 1.5 hours to 3 hours per sessions depending on how many students are registered for the course.

Keep in mind that some students will have questions on the lectures and we will answer all the questions given the time allowed. The lectured are geared to communication and understanding, unlike a regular home course without any guidance or even support from the course educators.

One on One course:
The one on one course is 6 sessions scheduled at anytime with the PROPTA director. Those sessions could be geared to Nutrition or Personal Training.

Academy 2 Certification course:
The Academy SKYPE is a 2 certification course that is geared to 3 sessions for Personal Training and 3 sessions for Nutrition.

Time difference from one country to another:
We realize that sometime it may not work with some students in different countries to be able to join the class at the same time other do. But we wil do our best to occomodate everyone that is able to join. Keep in mind that the directors are positioned all over the world and the schedule will start with the directors from USA California at the moment. We will keep you updated on the addition of other locations and times for your convenience.
Telephone:: (818) 766-3317