PROPTA™ Educational Institution Profile

Professional Institute for Fitness and Nutrition Worldwide.

The Personal Trainers Association – PROPTA™ / USPTA™ / PTA™  also know and the “Private Trainers Association” is one of the leading education bodies in the United States and worldwide for educating professional fitness and conditioning trainers and Nutrition and Diet Therapy. It was established in 1980 by noted bodybuilder and Mr. USA title holder Joe Antouri, and is based in Los Angeles, California.

After more than a quarter century in the world of fitness as a competitor, professional personal trainer, and a nutrition Specialist CNS*, he created an organization consisting entirely of Professional Athletes from all sports, — the educational and practical pioneers of training and nutrition-to educate the fitness industry’s elite personal trainers.

PROPTA offers certificate programs for personal trainers, nutritionist, weightlifting coaches, dance & fitness instructors and youth & health fitness coaches. A global organization with affiliates in hundred and eighty three nations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The Private Trainers Association “Personal Trainers Association” provides professional recognition, conducts on-going educational seminars, and updates members and the public on the latest industry and general physical fitness and nutrition information.

PROPTA is a World Wide organization recognized as the leader in fitness and nutrition, conducting on-going educational seminars all over the world, updating members on the latest industry and educationally relevant information.

The personal trainer certificate program features cutting-edge information with a curriculum that includes human anatomy, physiology, chemistry, kinesiology, microbiology, nutritional science and diet therapy, sport medicine, all aspects of weight training, strength training, and specialty education in the elderly, eating disorders, injury rehabilitation, and medical conditions.

The certificate program of PROPTA is recognized and Officially Endorsed by the National Fitness League “”Nationalfitnessleague.com“” , the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB PRO League)”” www.IFBBPRO.com“” for 7 consecutive years, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau worldwide among other regulatory bodies like the Bureau of Private Post Secondary Education (BPPE) as exempt status since 2006 and the GI Bill for 11 consecutive years – California State Approving Agency for Veterans CSAAV for 11 consecutive years.

PROPTA courses, including Personal Trainers, Nutrition, Group Exercise, Olympic lifting, older adults, youth health and fitness and MMA  for instructors.

PROPTA textbooks written by Joe Antouri and put out by the organization serve as a university level informative reference source, and is updated regularly. It is translated in many languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Finish, Polish and English.  More languages will be available soon for other countries.

PROPTA, the Official IFBB PROS Certification Authority for 7 consecutive years. PROPTA personal trainers authority is the only personal trainers certificate in the world that offers a real hands on practical application by professional athletes, the pioneers of the fitness and nutrition industry.

Joe Antouri and Joe Weider.