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RealFitalk ep#1

You are now entering Real talk with Mr USA, I’m Idrise Ward-EL and this is not your regular fitness show. Idrise is a Professional Body Builder, 2002’s Mr. USA, a former Correctional Officer, and a Military Veteran. He is here to make America fit again by tackling topics others wont touch, dispelling fitness myths, and […]

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5 Steps To A Healthier Heart

       Author Joe Antouri March 6, 2017,    Take care of your heart             Do you take care of your Kids? Of course. Do you take care of your home, car, errands? All the time.  But what are you doing for your heart? Probably not as much as you […]

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Electrolytes And Your Body

                 Author Joe Antouri                       Electrolytes are minerals found in bodily fluids that carry an electric charge and are essential to keeping the heart, nerves, and muscles functioning properly. One of the major roles of electrolytes is to […]

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Whey v Casein Protein Powder

      Author Joe Antouri       January 30, 2017        Understanding the structure of a particular muscle will assist you in developing a workout regime that is best for you, and to decide on whether whey or casein protein is right for you. There are basically two major proteins in […]

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Preventing Knee Injuries

Our knees which bear body weight all day long, are susceptible to injury when there’s poor biomechanical alignment from the ankle up and are commonly traumatized during sports. Over time, with chronic injury or repetitive trauma, arthritis may occur. But don’t give up hope there are things you can do to prevent knee injuries.

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