Work Out with an IFBB PRO Anywhere in the World

The sport of Fitness and Bodybuilding has been around forever. Fans have traveled from all over the world just to meet and greet professional bodybuilders, IFBB PROS at the Original Gold’s Gym that was located on 2nd street in Santa Monica, California.

IFBB PROS have become icons of the sport worldwide, published and idolized. They are the experts on Bodybuilding and Fitness, Muscular Development, Staying Lean, and Understanding what Nutrition and Fitness are all about.

Fans can now train with IFBB PROS all over the world. Fans can benefit from the experience and knowledge that is acquired from all the years of hard work, dedication, desire, discipline, determination and drive.

Depending on your location, if you are traveling to a certain location and/or you want to know where the IFBB PROS are located; you may contact us by e-mail to schedule a series of private training sessions or just a consultation with our PROS.

You may also schedule a nutrition consultation session to help you reach your goals or just to find out how the PROS do it.

All scheduled sessions must be done by PROPTA corporate office to insure proper booking with the PROS. Please keep in mind that IFBB PROS do travel for seminars and guest appearances and scheduling in advance would be advisable. Please call us at (818) 766-3317.

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