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5 Important Reasons To Workout

Our busy daily lives leave little time and let’s face it No energy to workout. But if you keep in mind these 5 reasons to incorporate a workout into your life, you will find the motivation to get going!Life has become more stressful for many people. With that comes less time to cook healthy meals […]

Electrolytes And Your Body

Electrolytes are minerals found in bodily fluids that carry an electric charge and are essential to keeping the heart, nerves, and muscles functioning properly. One of the major roles of electrolytes is to ensure that fluid levels inside and outside the cell are balanced.The cell can adjust its fluid levels by changing the concentration of […]

Whey vs Casein Protein Powder

Understanding the structure of a particular muscle will assist you in developing a workout regime that is best for you, and to decide on whether whey or casein protein is right for you.There are basically two major proteins in the bodybuilder’s arsenal. Those being casein and whey. They are also sometimes referred to as slow […]

High Reps or Low Reps for Fat Loss?

Personal trainers usually debate the topic of food,  but there’s a huge debated topic that comes up a lot between personal trainers and PROPTA clients . and even between a trainer and another trainer in the fitness world: Is it better to use light weights and high repetitions or heavy weights and low repetitions for […]