Gary Smith – Untrainer

Dear Joe, I am still only 1/3 through both certification tests. I just could not stop what I have been producing to get them in on time. With 5 events, and two seminars booked, 15 clients and more signing daily, and the stuff I have assembled to sell at the events and on line, I have that knowing thing about completing the tests but can’t create time or maybe it is a priority issue. The insurance came through, business license, and I have taken all those liability papers that clients must sign and rewritten them into a smart 3 page with lawyer approval. You will love that for your students. Golds wants me as an independent trainer next week and my pool training experience for the over 40 crowd. I will make myself available for session 5 if you want a full presentation of what I developed through the academy. I now have a methodology for getting clients daily, consulting, and developing innovative ideas with nutrition and training. I am training trainers in nutrition. PROPTA needs to know that the material is far deeper in its impact than you are letting on. You guys have given me a gift. I need advice here about getting conditional certifications for 60-90 days so I can get the tests done. I am so busy with clients and I have not even gotten my certifications yet, Please advise, this train has left the academy……..Gary the Untrainer. PS> I have had calls from other trainers in Riverside about licensing The UnTrainer concept. Holy Mackerel. Gary Smith

Gary Smith - Untrainer

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