Dear Dr. Antouri, I hope you and your family had a safe and happy new year. I would like to thank PROTA, yourself, and Claude for all the help, support, and the knowledge that was passed on to me during this course. Truly I am learning valuable information that is changing other people’s lives as well as my own. PROPTA has proven to be the superior training academy among private training. I have people with ISSA and ACE certificates asking me all kinds of questions about food and training. These people are also interested in attaining PROPTA certificates, because they have noticed the the knowledge, the methods of training, and how PROPTA always puts nutrition first. I have already guided them to the website for all the info necessary. Please find attached my CNS Exam. Also attached is the meal plan (answer to question 10 in essay section). Please note that I have turned in both training exams back in Nov 2009, so the CNS is what is left to complete this course. Kindly confirm exam has been received by replying to this mail. I look forward to finding out how I did. Best Regards, Abdullah Al Askari- January 04, 2010


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