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Access PROPTA when and where you want!

Get Certified on the move.

The app has been designed with you in mind to make your education easier and faster than ever.

With the mobile PROPTA app for smartphone, you can:

  • Download from Apple Itunes or Google Play store.
  • Convenient and time saver.
  • Quickly and easily navigate to all courses, lessons, exam, study material and videos features
  • Securely sign-in to access your courses or exams
  • Complete your exams on the app from anywhere
  • Create an account to view your course
  • Create an account to view FREE educational resources
  • Update contact information
  • Find tutorial videos, lectures videos, practical videos and more.
  • Send a Secure Message to our customer service representatives
  • Protect yourself with additional security features, including Account Alerts, Change Debit Card PIN, and Report and Deactivate Lost or Stolen Cards
  • Courses in English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Finish with our bilingual app
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