The Professional Personal Trainers Association is committed to excellence and safety. PROPTA is the only organization in the world that applies real practical application to all students and PROPTA is also the only organization in the world that is committed to food safety.

By obtaining the Food Handlers Certificate, students will understand food safety and help deliver the information to all clients insuring proper food handling, preparation as well as eating for proper digestion.

Food is present in everyone’s lives and all of us must learn it to eliminate sickness and missing work or appointments.

All students must obtain a Food Handler Certification  in order to obtain a PROPTA certification. It is mandatory for all trainers when dealing with clients and food, diets and supplements, fresh or cooked food to be implemented along with the training program to insure success, one must know food including how to handle it, store it, what temperature to cook it, and when to serve it.

Quality and safety of food when applied carefully, will guarantee proper absorption and proper digestion. How many times clients have cancelled a training session because they felt sick, or their stomach hurts, or they did not feel good after eating their meals.
Students must be educated to teach the clients on the proper handling and storing food.

Usually the process of obtaining this permit will take about 4 to 6 hours. We have included a link below for registration.
Proof of certification must be sent to the PROPTA office by fax or e-mail.Fax # 1-877-533-7540

We promote excellence in providing food safety training to our clients.
Our unique approach to training is unmatched in our industry. Why?

  • our highly qualified trainers are effective at teaching food safety concepts
  • we’ve developed our curriculum using best practice learning methods.

Why Choose Us?

  • 30+ years experience
  • 1,100+ test taking centers
  • 5 languages offered
  • Private classes available
  • Online training option
  • 75,000+ satisfied customers
  • Convenience and flexibility

This certification course is online only for your convenience. Click on the link to get started and don’t forget to mention “PROPTA” to get the special price of $34.95 US Dollars instead of $119.00 US Dollars with other companies.


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