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Are you a  Fitness or Nutrition expert and want to monetize your knowledge as a professional instructor? Or a Training Company that offers professional courses, corporate training and preparation tests? Or an Association that offers training to its members? The Personal Trainers Association “PROPTA-PTA-USPTA”  is the perfect place to create your online academy.


All content material and information must be on paper and must be submitted to the PROPTA corporate office in Los Angeles, CA for a review and approval.  All the material, files, videos, information and tools that you provide will always be protected since you are the owner.

Approval process

All content must be approved for publishing to be impelemeted for an online course. All lessons, demonstrations, videos, images, articles that are included in the course will be edited for proper implementation after approval.

Fees and charges

You the creator and PROPTA will discuss the course fees and importance to be published and approved by PROPTA.


Depending on the course and its content, PROPTA will decide on whether it is appropriate to have the course as a certification, a pre-requisite to a certification course or a credit unit course for certification advancement. A completion certification will be awarded if the course does not qualify as a certification course.

How do I submit my course to be evaluated

Please contact our office at 818-766-3317 or by email to to inquire on what is needed to start the process.

The Personal Trainers Association, PROPTA – PTA – USPTA

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