Personal Trainer Video LecturesPROPTA live taped lectures for personal trainer certification course.

Personal Trainer Video Lectures

Official PROPTA Video Lecturelectures: 7
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Live video taped lectures for Personal Trainer Certification  (taped live)

PROPTA personal trainer certification course you will learn about Strength training, Aerobic and Anaerobic training, muscular development, preventing injuries, proper stretching, improving balance, flexibility, mobility and stability, improving bone density to help combat osteoporosis, proper spotting and proper bio-mechanics, train anyone for any sport safely, success business principles, presentation and sales techniques.

This is a live taped lecture that will open your eyes about personal training & what it takes to become a qualified personal trainer.

Personal trainer video lecture objectives:

    • Understanding the human body
    • Proper bio-mechanics
    • Muscle movement
    • Muscle insertion
    • Basic nutrition
    • Muscular system
    • Skeletal system
    • Nervous system
    • Cardiovascular system