• If you are a Certified Personal Trainer and would like to get recognition in the fitness field for your quality work and achievements?
  • If you are a Nutritionist and would like to get recognition in the Nutrition field for your quality work and achievements?
  • Do you own a fitness center and would like to be Endorsed for recognition?


The Personal Trainers Association Approval and Endorsement program for the Certified Elite Personal Trainer, the exceptional Certified Nutritionist and the fitness center owner to help elevate the quality or work, education, experience, loyalty to the sport, dedication to improving lives.

All Fitness centers, Certified Personal Trainers, Certified Nutritionist are illegible to apply for this priceless recognition by the largest and most recognized personal trainer certification institute in the world. ( PROPTA is active in 183 countries in 5 languages)

The Recognition is worldwide and must be approved by the PROPTA directors for such accomplishments.

How does it work:

  • All candidates must register online to be accepted into the program.
  • PROPTA will review the credentials  and eligibility of the applicant.
  • If approved PROPTA will contact you.


What is expected from the applicant:

  • Be prepared to be tested on hands on practical application by a PROPTA Senior Director.
  • Be prepared to answer questions that relate to the career.
  • Be prepared to submit a one page document about your passion to the sport or to Nutrition.
  • Be prepared to submit testimonials from clients you help improve their lives.
  • Be prepared to show how you run your business and how you keep track of your clients achievements with photos.
  • Be prepared to share your education achievements (degrees, certification, qualification)

You will be visited by a Director to test your knowledge and observe you in action.

what will you get if you pass:

  • A certification of recognition and approval for your work as a personal trainer or a nutritionist
  • ID card to accompany the certification with your picture for identification purposes
  • listed on the PROPTA site along the recognized elites.

Is there a fee for this process:

  • Yes the fee for personal trainers or nutritionist to be recognized and approved is $300.

is there a renewal fee or is this for a life time achievement Recognition:

  • To cover the cost of the business and keep you listed on the PROPTA, the renewal fee will only be $5o US Dollars only.

Do I have to redo all that procedure every year:

  • NO, the procedure is only done once. The renewal fee is only for placement on the website.

What will the website show for my recognition:

  • Name
  • Location
  • email
  • Telephone only if you choose to
  • head shot
  • recognition type

What do I need to do to get this process started?

  • Please click here to register online for the recognition and PROPTA will contact you if you qualify.
  • Make sure you fill out everything possible in the registration form to eliminate delays in the process.

When to I pay the fee:

  • The fee will be collected only if you are approved.
  • You will be contacted by PROPTA with the email you provided
  • You must respond within one week or PROPTA will disregard the registration.

Registration is on a first come basis.

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