Lacey Moore 7-9-2024

Awesome, thank you .., i am soooooo excited to finally become what i have aspired to be since 2012…. thank you so much Joe for investing in us and allowing us an opportunity to grow and be sucessful, God will bless you my friend.

Carey Woodson 7-7-2024

Hey Joe, I wish I was born a teacher 🙂 But nothing is workth it unless you work hard for it RIGHT!!! I will follow everything you are telling me, you give me so much hope….hope to become someting special…hope to follow my dreams… hope to recognize my God given purpose…hope to help other women […]

Lucretia E.L. 4-20-2024

Thank you, Joe, for always providing excellent service by personally answering calls to address questions and provide assistance. PROPTA offers the highest quality of education and you personally oversee your students’ progress & performance. You truly care about each student, share your wisdom, offer encouragement, mentorship, and your time. You inspire, motivate and transform lives. […]

Adriana Saenz 4-17-2024

Adriana Saenz, a PROPTA Student and Director examiner for many years, operating in Las Vegas. An individual that never gives up, always moving forward, always taking courses to advance and grow her business. Below is what I receivedtoday from her. So proud and very happy for Adriana. This is a good example of never giving […]

Mark O’Connor 4-15-2024

The PROPTA certification focuses on doing what works for bodybuilding. Other certifications want you to focus on several categories that may not help much as a trainer, but give you their spin on how to find clients or run your business. Mark O’Connor 4-15-2024

Tony Valerie 4-15-2024

My best life experience was my study with PROPTA . From day one I learned from PROPTA the art of leadership, and of course the best instruction I’ve yearning for so long before beforehand . Thanks to Mr Joseph Antouri and his leadership at PROPTA i am now a change man full of confidence wrapping […]