Julie Hong / S Korea

How are you?
I miss you a lot!!!
I just sent you everything you need.
Joe, I have actually decided to go back to korea next january.
So, i need to get all my certificates before i leave.
By the way, i really appreciate you sending me to Golds Gym.
I learned a lot from the PROPTA director and i met a few professional bodybuilders there.
I talked to them and i took pictures. I was so happy with everybody.
Eventhough, i finished my clinical hours, he allows me to keep going there to learn more. Thanks to you i could keep learning more.
One more thing. Can you introduce me to Shon? After i go back to Korea, i might want to work at Shon’s gym. That’d be really great!!
Also, please give me a recommandation letter too. You’re very famous in Korea!! So it’d be so great to have one, for future references.
I’d really be honored to have a recommendation letter from you, Joe. (:
Anyway, i will go visit you soon. I’m always thankful that you taught me. I learned a lot!!
With thanks,
Email December 3-2011
Julie Hong / S Korea