I know first hand that PROPTA Certification courses are core to a successful professional fitness career, offering instruction and guidance plus community connection.
PROPTA has been a major influence throughout my successful career, preparing me to help a diversity of clients live their best fitness life. Here’s why.

Take most other fitness certification programs out there. Chances are good they’ll teach how to train the ideal, healthy client.  That is not reality! The truth is – if you want a well rounded, lucrative career in the industry, you have to know how to provide health and wellness guidance plus safe and productive workouts to everyone.  Whomever. Whenever. Wherever. However.

PROPTA understands. Their instructors will provide you with practical experience and knowledge.  You will graduate with confidence and enthusiasm knowing you have the skill sets and abilities to make a positive difference in the lives of many.

In fact, I believe your PROPTA training could actually help you save lives.

PROPTA offers a wide variety of fitness and wellness certification courses to grow your expertise and career.

Join the PROPTA community and their reputable and experienced team of fitness leaders will respectfully and consistently support you throughout your professional life.  It worked for me!

Craig Ramsay / Thintervention TV show / 10-02-2023