Proper Food Safety Certification Course

Food safety is an increasingly important public health issue.


Why Food Safety?

     Food safety is an increasingly important public health issue.
Governments all over the world are intensifying their efforts to improve food safety. These efforts are in response to an increasing number of food safety problems and rising consumer concerns.

     Definition of Food borne illness: Food borne illnesses are defined as diseases, usually either infectious or toxic in nature, caused by agents that enter the body through the ingestion of food. Every person is at risk for Food borne illnesses.

     We promote excellence in providing food safety training to our students.

     Our unique and professional approach to training is unmatched in our industry. Why?

    • Our Online course covers everything about Food Safety.
    • We’ve developed our curriculum using best practice learning methods.
    • We serve the most important people (Personal Trainers and Nutritionists) to help educate the public and insure safety.

     Food hygiene and fresh food is important to our health and well being. Malnutrition can disrupt the body function and detract from the quality of life and sometimes can end a life.

Stale Food:

     Is a chemical and physical process that the food is not fresh anymore and can lead to diarrhea, food poisoning, acidity and imbalance in the pH level while digesting causing unpleasant feeling and dizziness and sometimes headaches.

Fresh Food:

     Which is recently harvested, baked, recently slaughtered and butchered, caught and kept cold to preserve it.Fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, fresh fish contain essential nutrients and provide healthy rich diet.

Safe Food:

     Safe is considered not harmful to the body.

Storage of Food:

     Raw food and cooked food should be stored separately, in the fridge, keeping bacteria from contaminating the cold cooked food. Also the storage temperature defers for food. Proper food storage helps to preserve the quality and nutrition value of food and keep away harmful bacteria.

Preparation of Food:

     Many ways to prepare food, many methods and vast range of procedures are applied to improve digestibility and flavor.

Food-born Illness:

     This is caused by consuming contaminated foods or beverage that was not stores or prepared properly. Many different diseases-causing microbes or pathogens, bacteria, viruses and parasites can ruin your day.

Educate your Clients for Better Results

     As a Personal Trainer or a Nutritionist on any level, knowing food preparation and storage and decrease the chances of your clients getting sick, and can increase your clients knowledge to attain more results. After all, we all want results.

You will love this course.


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