Adult Fitness Video Lecture

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Adult Fitness Training Live taped lectures

     Embark on a transformative journey in Adult Fitness Training! Gain the skills and confidence needed to excel as an instructor for older adults.

     Discover cutting-edge techniques to assess fitness levels, design effective programs, and deliver motivating exercise instructions.

     Dive deep into the biology of aging and explore innovative strategies to enhance balance, mobility, and overall well-being. Join us and make a lasting impact on the lives of your older adult clients.

You will learn

   During the lecture, we will delve into the biological processes of aging, exploring the following points in detail:

    • Age related muscle loss
    • Protein synthesis / regeneration
    • Hormones, lifestyle factors, resistance training
    • Screening clients, exercises
    • Muscles and aging
    • Statistics on aging
    • Fitness training for older populations



  • Aging in the modern world
  • Unique nutritional needs of older individuals
  • Designing diets for older individuals
  • Unique physical needs of older individuals
  • Basic program design for older adults ( 45-55) (55-70) (70+)
  • Progressive training for older individuals
  • Older athletes
  • The aging population problem ( Sarcopenia )

     I trust this course will serve as a valuable resource, inspiring you to further engage with your older clients and effectively address health declines. By implementing these physical activities, you can make a meaningful impact on their well-being and earn their appreciation.

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