Adult Fitness Video Lecture.

Adult Fitness Video Lecture

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This is a live taped lecture for Adult Fitness about health and fitness professionals wanting to gain knowledge, training, and competency to assess fitness levels, design fitness programs and provide motivating exercise instruction for older adults.

So you want to be an awesome instructor. Confidence with your personal training offered to others will excel you in gaining more clients and grow your business. This course brings together a much more broader range of physical activities than has been used previously to improve balance and mobility skills in frail population.

Before jumping into the activities, it is important to understand how the body responds and what the limits are to be safe and create the best fit program for any older client.

You will learn why we get old, and what happens biologically to our bodies, we will discuss in detail during the lecture the following points:

  1. Age related muscle loss
  2. Protein synthesis / regeneration
  3. Hormones, lifestyle factors, resistance training
  4. Screening clients, exercises
  5. Muscles and aging
  6. Statistics on aging
  7. Fitness training for older populations
  8. Aging in the modern world
  9. Unique nutritional needs of older individuals
  10. Designing diets for older individuals
  11. Unique physical needs of older individuals
  12. Basic program design for older adults ( 45-55) (55-70) (70+)
  13. Progressive training for older individuals
  14. Older athletes
  15. The aging population problem ( Sarcopenia )

You will be able to provide activities that focus on the five components:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Posture
  3. Core stability
  4. Strength and cardio-respiratory endurance
  5. Balance

I hope this course will be a good resource for you that will inspire  you to do more with your older clients, and preventing, deterring, reversing the declines in health and function with these physical activities to make a difference with anyone you meet and help. Your Older adult clients will love you for that.