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I do agree
by: Anonymous The Private Trainers Association is on the right track. The way the PROS do thinks are totally different from the rest, if you want results and learn from the best, and I mean the Best you must check the PROPTA or PTA out, Mike Sable Mr Universe is awsome, even Joe antouri the President of the PTA is always at the academy making sure the curriculum is at its best, Mike Ergas’s lecture about business was great, Amy piacentino with nutrition, Rob Godwin with the old training technique, Jem Welsh with advance diet and nutrition, Lenda Murray with exercise, Charles Glass the GURU, awsome classes, this a serious atmosphere and if you want to make the money and know how to be a real trainer, you must interact with the best.

Joe Antouri was so great that he always made sure everyone was satisfied, his comments and pointers during the academy where priceless.

A very successful trainer, He drove his bentley one day, I was chocked, a trainer with a Bentley. But he is not only a trainer, his background is awsome, no wonder he runs the PTA.

Anyway, I can write a newspaper about the PTA and it is all great stuff. If you are serious about becoming a personal trainer, dont waist your money or time, cal the PTA. I mean it.

no they did not pay me to write this, they dont even know I did this, but I am very thankful to Joe and the entire team of the PTA.

Anonymous Testimonial