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Required Ongoing Credit Education Units / CEU

As a Certified Fitness Professional, keeping up your education is the single most important aspect of ensuring success in your business next to providing the best care possible for your clients. Every profession requires continuing education, and the Personal Training profession should be no exception.

As a fitness professional, your clients entrust their bodies and lives to you, and turn to you for questions and advice. You must be able to provide them with accurate, current information, and the only way to do that is to continue your education.PROPTA was the first fitness certification organization to develop specialized certification hands-on Required ongoing education programs for fitness professionals.

Failure to Meet CEU Requirements

CEU’s are a requirement to maintain certification status. Failure to meet the CEU requirement at the time of renewal will result in the forfeiture of a certification. Once the requirements are met you may submit the complete application with the late fee (if applicable). Please review PROPTA Continuing Education Department for information. * All renewal fees are non-refundable.

You are allowed up to 2 years to complete your CEUs or your certification will be suspended.

If at the time of renewal of certification you have completed the required CEUs, your certification will be advanced to the next level and a discount will be applied to the new registration.

If at the time of renewal of certification you have not completed the required CEUs, your certification will maintain it current status.

All personal trainers certifications are valid for 2 years.

Reporting CEUs

PROPTA certified personal trainers are responsible for reporting their CEUs at the time of renewal. CEUs are reported and verified by the submission of the CEU Report Form along with photocopies of documentation of completion/attendance (do not send originals). Acceptable documentation would include signed transcripts, or other forms of official documentation where the number of credits/hours can be verified. The CEU Report Form can be obtaines at anytime by e-mail or contacting the corporate office.

All forms must be completed and signed to be accepted and applied for continuing education credits.

Rules and Regulations

After completing and obtaining your personal trainer certification, one must start improving on education and business to successfully maintaining business and incoming income. After the first year of certification, credit units must be obtained to maintain credential and certification. Failure to do so will result in suspension and maybe cancellation of certification.

All records will be available online whether a certification is active, suspended or cancelled. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All certified personal trainers must obtain a total of 10 credit units to maintain certification status. This applies to all certified trainers levels and professionals.

Applications must be filled out online to start the procedure and reservations. please read procedures below.

Hands-on continuing education credits

Certified personal trainers have the choice to attend any active PROPTA director in a live session to obtain continuing credits towards any certification. that also applies to nutrition.

Online continuing education credits

Online continuing education credits are available for convenience.

Fees and charges

All fees and charges will be applied when submitting the online form. PROPTA corporate office will contact you via e-mail with all the necessary information to start your continuing education either hands-on or via online.

Each 1 credit units fee is $50.00 US Dollars.

Each 1 hours of instruction fee is $50.00 US Dollars.

Fees and charges are not refundable nor applied to another course or product at anytime.

CEUs Procedure

  • Application and fees must be submitted prior to any appointments or online course
  • CEU form will be mailed to you to keep track of hours and signatures
  • for online courses, an ID and Password will be sent to you via e-mail to start your education
  • submition of forms to PROPTA corporate office prior to expiration or renewal of certification
  • all appointments will be done by the corporate office for all hands-on CEU courses
  • no late attendance to any scheduled appointement, must be always on time
  • 30 days of completion are applied to all appointements or online courses or late fees will be appied

Late Fees

A late fee will be applied to all course. No Exception. Late fee of $50.00 US Dollars for every appointment or online course.

Available online courses please contact PROPTA office

Available hands-on course please contact PROPTA office for upcoming clinical seminars.