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Online Personal Trainer Certification Course (INT) / Curso de Certificación de Entrenador Personal en Línea (INT)


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There are hundreds of options for personal trainer certifications on the fitness market, but only one rooted in 35 years of science-based research by the real PROS of the industry, the world’s largest Fitness and Nutrition certification organization. Only one is built on the foundation of our PROPTA Integrated Fitness and Nutrition Models, created by professional athletes to help health and fitness professionals deliver the type of individualized programs people need to adopt long-term for healthy behaviors. Once you become a Certified Personal Trainer, you will have a career advantage at thousands of facilities worldwide and the expertise you need to stand out among your peers with a certification that is recognized in over 186 countries in 7 languages.

Why Choose PROPTA?

Earning a PROPTA certification will place you above and beyond your peers and above the standard accepted by other certification agencies. PROPTA is an institution for Fitness and Nutrition founded by professional athletes for athletes to help and take care of anyone from a beginner or advance and even professionals to reach their goals to eliminate the obesity epidemic, and educate the public on real hands on weight resistance training and nutrition.

A career in the fitness and nutrition industry will give you flexibility and independence to have your own business, build your credit, and maybe even open your own facility! Getting started is overwhelming but with perseverance and a controlled vision for the future, PROPTA will always give you the support you need from the moment you register for this course. PROPTA support is second to none, by phone, by email, and in-person – we are here for you!

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