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Live ZOOM lectures Starting September 3 – 2022

for 3 consecutive Saturdays at 10 AM PST


Guaranteed to change your life and make an unforgettable impact on you

and open up your eyes about Fitness and Training.

You will ask yourself:

Why hasn’t  anyone ever told me this before about Fitness & Nutrition ? “.

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42 Years Industry Experience





45 Years Industry Experience



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at 10 AM  PST

Time is Ticking


This Event Welcomes and is Open to

  • Anyone, Men & Women, mom’s and dad’s, athletes or not, in High school or College or University,Doctors, Nurses or Housewives, Attorneys, Executives, Students, Actors, that would like to learn the real science to get in shape, properly workout and improve your lifestyle for the rest of your life. Stay in shape all year long. You will benefit tremendously from this event.
  • All New Students that would like to become Qualified and Certified as Personal Trainers
  • All Prior Students of PROPTA that would like to Renew their Personal Trainers Certification / discounted
  • All Prior Student from the past 42 Years that would like to join us and refresh & renew the PROPTA Certification (with proof of PROPTA certification) Must contact PROPTA to be approved to be included./ discounted
  • Worldwide because this is a ZOOM live, online event in English
  • All IFBB PROs or Other Professional Athletes from any Sport (Professional Athletes Discounted Price – contact our office prior to event)



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This will be the Best investment of Your Time

and Education You’ll Ever Get and You’ll Never Forget.




Join us on September 3 – 2022 for 3 consecutive Saturdays at 10 AM PST.


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Dr. Sagi Kalev, Two-time Mr. Israel, PROPTA Hall of Famer, Doctor of Naturopathic,

Beach Body Super Trainer / The BODY BEAST.

No matter your experience level, there has never been a better time to chase your dream of becoming a certified personal trainer with a worldwide license.

Here is what you can expect when you choose PROPTA:

No BS, Real Science, Real Experience, Straight Forward Discussions, Questions & Answers, Real Class Room atmosphere, Real Professional Athletes, Real Honesty & Understanding.

What You Will Receive

  •   Benefit from 87 years of combined industry expertise from Joe Antouri & Mike Sable  
  •   3 / One-hour ZOOM sessions with
    • PROPTA Founder Joe Antouri (Mr. USA)
    • Mike Sable (Mr.Universe X2, Mr. America, Mr. World) Vice President  of PROPTA.  
  •   Access the course anytime, anywhere from your smartphone, IPad, laptop, or desktop
  •   Access the PROPTA Scientific Principles for Weight Resistance Training Manual digitally within your course online
  •   Access to the Practical Proper bio-mechanics guide digitally within your course online 
  •   Unlimited exam attempts within 90 days  
  •   Professional Institute for Fitness & Nutrition Worldwide books, available in 7 different languages  
  •   1 Live session of Practical Proper bio-mechanics hands-on in gym included via ZOOM with Joe Antouri & Mike Sable.
  •   PROPTA Certification is recognized and accepted Worldwide

Become a Qualified & Certified Personal Trainer for just  $499.00


Lectures on ZOOM Starting on September 3-2022

for 3 consecutive Saturdays


Upgrade to an exclusive, physical copy of the “PROPTA” Professional Personal Trainer Certification Course Manual and Workshop Study Guide.

Retail Price: $ 100.00

Special Offer: $ 39.99

Get the books to keep for future reference

*Must register for the course to receive this Special Offer !

Upgrade and get this exclusive physical copy NOW ! FREE SHIPPING


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Be Our Next Success Story !

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Become a Qualified & Certified Personal Trainer for Just $ 499.99



3 Live ZOOM Sessions with Joe Antouri & Mike Sable / Attend online by phone or computer.

Course access anytime, anywhere from your Smartphone, IPad, or Desktop

Exam online with Unlimited attempts within 90 Days

1 Live ZOOM Session with Hands-on Practical Proper Bio-mechanics in the Gym

Unlimited support via email

PROPTA 42 Years of testimonials


42 YEARS OF EDUCATION by professional athletes

PROPTA offers our students the most in-depth training program to ensure our students can launch successful and rewarding careers.

When noted bodybuilder and Mr. USA titleholder Joe Antouri created this organization,teaming up with the highest caliber of professional athletes, it was to provide the finest educational program to professional fitness and conditioning trainers on a personal level.

It has since become one of the leading educational bodies in the United States and the World encompassing multiple areas of expertise, including weight resistance training, nutrition, power lifting, adult fitness, and youth fitness coaches in 7 languages worldwide .

When PROPTA graduates complete their certificate program, they hold the best personal trainer certification with confidence.

The curriculum will include the following:

  • Introduction to Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology

  • Resistance and Free weight training

  • Anaerobic and Aerobic training

  • Hands-on proper practical application

  • Flexibility and stretching

  • Designing exercise programs

  • Adult and senior fitness

  • Business application and legal issues

  • Body fat testing and measurement and more

You must complete the following for program graduation:

  • Attend all Lectures

  • Be active and get involved / ask questions

  • Online exam submitted by portal only with unlimited attempts to pass within 90 days.

  • CPR Certification (can be obtained during curriculum and must be completed to graduate)

  • You will have unlimited attempts to pass within 90 days.


If I pass your Personal Trainer certification exam, do I receive a certification?

Yes. Pass our required Personal Trainer certification Exam and you’ll receive your Certified Personal Trainer certification or the Certified Nutrition Tech Certification from the Professional Personal Trainer Association “PROPTA”. Exams include the Written Exam and the Practical Exam.

What about the other courses that you offer. Will I receive a certification ?

Yes, we offer a wide range of courses, which offer certification and advancement in your fitness and nutrition career.

Do I have to attend classroom sessions ?

Depending on the course, some courses do require you to attend and some don’t. Online courses do not require attendance to classroom sessions.

The following courses do require attendance to all classroom sessions:

    1. Home course
    2. One on One courses
    3. ZOOM courses
    4. Academy Group courses
How long does each of the certification program / course take?

Each of our program / course are setup on a semester cycle / 90 days are given for all courses to be completed. Lectures must be completed and exams must obtain a passing grade of 90% or above. Late fee will be assessed if not completed in 90 days.

What kind of exam should I expect ?

Our Exams are straightforward multiple-choice exams, essays and videos and also hands on practical exam to make sure you are competent in practical application to help avoid injuries and teach properly.

What is the time limit on your exams ?

All course exams must be completed and submitted within 90 days with a passing grade of 90% or above. No Exception. Remember you have unlimited attempts within 90 days to take the exam and pass for Free.

Are there study guides and what are they like?

All of our course materials and our study guides have been prepared and written by World Class degreed competitive professional athletes, register dietitians and chemists and certified fitness professionals. Our study guides are designed to help prepare you for the real world.

What exam score do I need to pass ?

A score of 90% or above is required for a passing grade.

What happens if I do not pass the exam ?

Remember that you have an unlimited attempts to retake the exam for free within the 90 days. If you need help, we can facilitate and help you understand the material either by email or by phone appointment or ZOOM. So get started early and never wait till the last minute and hope you have time to finish. If you do not pass the exam on time, you may add more time and this will require you to pay a late fee of $100 for the first 30 days, and the second  30 days will be $250 and the third 30 days will be $350.

The fees must be paid to extend the course and exam date each time you run out of time.

How long does it take to receive my exam results?

We are pleased to provide our students with free instant test grading if done online, but if the test was emailed to be corrected (for inmates only), then 7 days or less is needed for results.

How long does my certification stay active?

Your PROPTA certification will remain active for 2 full calendar years from the date you pass the written exam or online exam. Keep in mind that you must also pass your practical exam for personal trainer courses and your homework must be completed on time within 90 days for the nutrition courses prior to obtaining the certification. If you renew prior to expiration date, a $50 USD discount will apply. If you wait till after the expiration date, you will be a full fee.

You are required to take a short exam online to renew any PROPTA certification, or if you decide to advance to a hire level every 2 years, then a course and exam will apply.

What is the practical exam consist off ?

Practical exam is mandatory to all personal trainers taking any of the courses. If you are within the testing area, then you will be assigned a director/examiner to conduct your test in person at a gym. Online testing is also available for out of range areas where a PROPTA director/examiner is not available and we connect via ZOOM.

Online testing is also available for out-of-range areas where a PROPTA director/examiner is unavailable.

Is the practical exam included within the personal trainer course ?

Yes the practical exam is included as part of the course, no extra fee will be applied unless you missed the meeting with the PROPTA director/examiner. You must cancel the meeting if you know that you will not be able to make it 24 hours ahead of the meeting time. No exceptions. If you do not cancel on time, a fee will be assessed and charged. Please plan ahead.

What homework is applied to the nutrition course ?

Nutrition Tech course homework will be issued following the passing of your written exam. Timed Homework must be competed and submitted within 90 days to obtain the certification.

Does PROPTA have a payment plan on any course ?

PROPTA is committed to help all students succeed and grow in their career. Yes PROPTA courses do have PAYMENT PLANS. You can choose the payment plan during registration. A down payment to start the course and then another payment will be withdrawn automatically from your credit card every 2 weeks to payoff the balance. Some courses have 2 payments and some have 3 payments. We can also set up a comfortable payment plan for you to payoff the course fee, but it must be paid in full within 90 days.

PROPTA also have the BUY NOW PAY LATER plan. You can process this during the registration and get started with your career with PROPTA courses.

For What Purpose Does PROPTA Offer the Food Handlers Certificate ?

Obtaining the Food Handlers Certificate is mandatory for all Nutrition courses. The reason is that everyone needs to know the rules of preserving, preparing, storing, and eating food.

Additionally, you must have a solid understanding of cooking and freezing temperatures and how to keep the cooking area clean before preparing food before eating and storing meals.

You don’t want your clients to get sick and miss their sessions because of poorly prepared food.

PROPTA’s Founder, Joseph Antouri

Joe Antouri started his career in fitness and nutrition more than 42 years ago.

After attending the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Southern California (USC), California State University Northridge (CSUN), and West Coast University, he acquired a degree in Science and the knowledge base from which to develop his career.

Joe operated the nutritional departments at World Gym and Gold’s Gym for more than twenty years. Consequently, he is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry due to his extensive experience in nutrition and counseling. During the time he operated the nutritional departments at World Gym and Gold’s Gym, Joe practiced what he preached.

His passion for health, fitness, and the sculpted physique aided in his determination to compete for prestigious bodybuilding awards nationally and internationally, as did his desire to excel. As a competitor, he placed first at the Mr. Los Angeles, Mr. Southern California, Mr. California, Mr. USA, World Bodybuilding Championships, and Iron Man, amongst other titles.

Because of his titles and accomplishments, Joe was featured in several publications worldwide, including Muscle and Fitness, Iron Man Magazine, Muscular Development, Modern Bodybuilding, Planet Muscle, Strength and Health Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times.

Having a vision for excellence in fitness and nutrition, Joe set out to develop a certification program that would provide the highest level of curriculum in the fitness trainer’s arena. From this vision, the PROPTA was born.

The PROPTA offers elite, university-level education toward certification as a private trainer, nutrition specialist, Olympic weightlifting coach, and/or group exercise instructor. PROPTA has become a worldwide private personal training certification company managed by the IFBB PROS (International Federation of Bodybuilding).

The Personal Trainers Association “PROPTA” was officially endorsed by the IFBB PRO League Worldwide (203 countries strong) for seven consecutive years, Officially Endorsed by the National Fitness League, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau Worldwide. PROPTA has expanded internationally, having locations in Russia, Finland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Portugal, to name just a few.

As a personal trainer, CEO, and founder of the “PROPTA”, Joe’s clientele consists of presidents and CEOs of fortune 500 companies, doctors, film and television executives, and talent. Joe’s most recent undertaking is the creation of Fitgum.

His creation came about when he decided that there has to be a convenient way to help his clients manage a sensible and healthy lifestyle, along with proper eating habits and off-course exercise. After extensive research and development, FITGUM has been developed and is now being sold and distributed Internationally.

Joe, You are so great, I love the lectures especially with Rob , with my age in the late forties, I am sure I can get some elders to train with me now I understand the theory of proper application, Mike Sable is great, I cannot believe I was training my clients wrong all these years and nobody noticed. Now when I am at the gym, I look at everybody and I wonder where they got certified from, so sad. But that is OK for me because all their clients will end up my clients soon. I promise. You and your team are the best.

Jackeline P.

Hi Joe, hope all has been well. I just wanted to give you an update. I’ve had an amazing journey since I saw you last. I’ve utilized the tools PROPTA has taught me. I’m approaching my second competition. I moved back down to the valley, got a PT job at Equinox, and doing private training. The picture on the left was a few weeks before we met, the middle picture is right before my first competition and the right picture is two days ago.

Thank you for your Knowledge

Able L.

Joe, I have been wanting to tell you that I never dreamed to be sitting down with the PROS and exchanging words, especially about a subject that I like, for once in my life, being at the academy, I felt so good, not only did I learn so much more than I have ever learned from other certifications, but I had a lot of fun learning. Especially when it got to the practical application, you guys know what you are doing. No one taught this before like you do. I do have other certifications under my belt and they are going to end up in the garbage, what a waist of money and time, I cannot wait to see you again next Saturday, I am so excited. Please tell Mike Sable that we love his lecture. I know this is for six weeks but I wish I can come to the academy every week, it is so great.

Joanna Beckwith

Become a Qualified & Certified Personal Trainer for just $499.99

Contact  Joe  &  Mike

The  Professional  Personal  Trainers  Association

Professional  Institute  for  Fitness  &  Nutrition  Worldwide  in  7  languages


Email  us  24/7  for  any  question:  info@propta.com

Hours  of  Operation:

Monday  –  Friday:  8  am  –  5  pm  PST

**Limited  availability  on  weekends  depending  on  our  events  schedule

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