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Olympic Weight Lifting Coach Certification

The PROPTA is offering to qualified personal training professionals an Advanced Certificate course as an Olympic Weight Lifting Coach under the auspices of the Olympic Weight Lifting Academy.

This course is designed to teach personal trainers Olympic Weight Lifting movements, to improve flexibility, strength, speed, prevent injuries and improve athletic power. The outcome of the course will be to:

  • Know the principle Power
  • Know how to test and teach weightlifting flexibility¬†
  • Know how to teach strength supportive exercises
  • Know how to teach power supportive exercises¬†
  • Know how to teach snatch and clean & jerk
  • Know how to design a program¬†
  • Know safety on a platform

Certification Requirements

  • Personal Trainer certification
  • 3 sessions instructed by PROPTA director/examiner ( instructions at gym hands on)
  • Written exam
  • 40 Clinical hours prior to graduation.

Completion of Practical Exam

A practical exam to test physical competency must be completed within 90 days.
Please Note:

Approval was granted by:

  1. Endorsed by the IFBB PRO League
  2. Approved and Endorsed by the National Fitness League ” The NFL of Fitness”

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