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Healthy Nutrition

images                                                                    Author, Joe Antouri                                                                                   November 8, 2016

Healthy Nutrition is key to the health of your body and your mind. It seems that every year a new fad diet comes along that promises instant weight loss.  It is important to realize that starving your body of proper nutrients can negatively affect your Physical health as well as your Mental health.

Few people are aware of the connection between Healthy nutrition and depression. While we easily understand the connection between nutritional deficiencies and physical illness. A healthy mind and positive mood are typically thought of as strictly chemical-based or emotionally-rooted.  A healthy diet can help prevent and reduce symptoms of depression and give your body an energy boost.

Omega 3

Researchers attribute the decline in proper nutrition and the lack of consumption of omega-3 fatty acids from fish and other sources in most populations to an increasing trend in the incidence of major depression. Want to your mood to improve Eat fish! 

Fish is among the healthiest foods on the planet. It is loaded with important nutrients, such as protein and vitamin D. Fish is generally considered to be among the best foods you can eat for a healthy heart.

Not surprisingly, many  studies have shown that people who eat fish regularly seem to have a lower risk of heart attacks, strokes and death from heart disease

Sardines have 1,950 mg of omega-3’s per 3-ounce serving. /Wild salmon has 1,060 mg of omega-3’s per 3-ounce serving./ Canned albacore tuna has 900 mg of omega-3’s per 3-ounce serving. /Mussels have 700 mg of omega-3s per 3-ounce serving.   Eating these healthy fish at least three times per week will provide your body with a sufficient amount of healthy Omega 3.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B deficiencies have been linked to depression.  The B vitamins work collectively and individually in every cell to perform many different jobs, including helping the body release the energy it gets from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. 

Magnesium is a vital nutrient that is often deficient in modern diets.  Your bones are a major reservoir for magnesium, and magnesium is the counter-ion for calcium and potassium in muscle cells, including the heart.

If your magnesium is too low, you can experience muscle cramps. Magnesium is an old home remedy for all that ails you, including Mood swings,anxiety, apathy, depression, headaches, insecurity, irritability, restlessness, talkativeness, and sulkiness.

Magnesium deficiency could cause depression, behavioral disturbances, headaches, muscle cramps, seizures, ataxia, psychosis, and irritability – all reversible with magnesium repletion.

So when it comes to diets, a Healthy Diet and proper Nutrition is key to your overall Health!

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