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GI Bill Approved Certifications – CSAAVE


For Application process with the GI BILL office please use this info: Facility Code:  460029.05 School Name: PROPTA

California State Approving PROPTA A Huge Honor with Benefits to Help All Military members     The State of California Approving agency for Veterans Education has Granted an Approval for the following tests by PROPTA:

  • Academy 3 weeks Personal Trainers (CPT)
  • Academy 3 weeks Nutrition Tech (CNT)
  • Academy 6 week 2 certifications “Personal Trainer & Nutrition Tech” (CPT & CNT)
  • Academy 6 weeks 1 certification “Personal Trainer” (CPT)
  • Academy 6 weeks 1 certification “Nutrition Tech” (CNT)
  • Academy 6 weeks High Performance Trainer (CHPT)
  • Academy 6 week Mixed Martial Arts Trainer (CMMAT)
  • Home course study “Nutrition Tech” (CNT)

PROPTA is Recognized as a Military Friendly School The Personal Trainers Association (PROPTA) has been selected by G.I. Jobs magazine as a Military Friendly School for 2010, placing the PROPTA on the top of all schools nationwide. Tuition Assistance Approved! The California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education benefit for members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Congress allows each branch to pay up to 100% of the tuition expenses for PROPTA programs for its members.

PROPTA is Accredited and approved worldwide. PROPTA is GI BILL Approved

GI Bill Approved tests for Reimbursement! Active military, veterans, and eligible spouses and dependents can request reimbursement from the Veteran’s Administration for testing fees for any PROPTA fitness certification courses listed above. A Fabulous Opportunity PROPTA and its members, directors and executives are excited about this approval and are very supportive to all Military members worldwide.

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We are proud to announce the GI Bill approval for the Private Trainers Association also known as The Personal Trainers Association “PROPTA” and would like to invite all veterans to consider a bright new career in the health and fitness industry. An exciting future is awaiting you; let us help and educate you the right way with experience and knowledge from the best of the best — the Professionals of the Personal Trainers Association. The Veterans Benefits Administration provides benefits and services to the veterans and their families in a responsive, timely and compassionate manner in recognition of their service to the nation. All active military, veterans, and eligible spouses and dependents can now receive reimbursement from the Veterans Administration for Certification for any of the PROPTA certifications.  For more info, please log on to Or you may call the PROPTA office for all the info and forms for reimbursement. PROPTA courses approved by the GI Bill:

  • Private Trainer level 1 or 2 “CPT” 
  • Professional Trainer “CPPT”
  • Nutrition Tech “NT”
  • Nutrition Consultant “NC”
  • Nutrition Specialist “NS”*
  • Group Exercise Instructor

PROPTA certification courses are available in the following format:

  • Home course study
  • Internet course study
  • 3-Week course study
  • 6-Week 1 certification course  (PT or Nutrition)
  • 6-Week 2 certifications course  (PT & Nutrition)
  • Academy 6-Week 2 Certifications (PT & Nutrition)

*Note: Effective NOW: all new and renewing PROPTA certified students must hold both a current CPR and AED card at graduation ( may obtain during course ). PROPTA candidates and renewing PROPTA certified students outside the U.S. are required to hold only current CPR due to different international laws.  Written Exam: All students must complete and submit the written exam on time to graduate. Fees will be applied to late submission or curriculum will be canceled. No Exceptions. Am I eligible for Personal Trainer certification? The following eligibility requirements have been adopted for our Personal Trainer certification exam:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age
  2. You must hold current adult CPR and AED certificate at the time of the exam.
  3. CPR certification is required for graduation. Even if you pass, your certification will not be issued without proof of CPR Certification.
  4. Food Handler’s Permit must be obtained prior to all written and practical exams.


PROPTA is Accredited and approved worldwide. PROPTA is GI BILL Approved

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