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Vitamin Expert Certification Course (USA)

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PROPTA The Professional Personal Trainers Association offers multiple courses in nutrition. All these courses are crucial to the development of the personal trainer.

This Program will instruct you to recognize, understand, and assist the body’s inherent healing power. You will learn preventive natural medicine through the study of basic principles of nutrition and natural healing. This course focus on Vitamin and Minerals nutrition and how it works with the human body.

The Nutrition Expert Certification course has a 90 days schedule and needs to be completed in this time frame.

A certificate as a Nutritional Expert will be awarded upon completion of this program.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand certain minerals are required in the body and that some minerals form essential structural components of tissues
  • Understand that sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride ions are important in maintaining the correct composition of cells and of the tissue fluids around them (homeostasis)
  • Understand that some minerals are essential components of important molecules such as hormones and enzymes
  • Understand that the correct fluid balance is essential for normal functioning of the body
  • Understand that tap water, and not just mineral water, contains minerals.
  • Understand Fat soluble vitamins and their benefits
  • Understand Water soluble vitamins and their functions
  • How vitamins and minerals help prevent diseases or aid in correcting alergies




Vitamin Expert Final Exam

Please carefully read all of the instructions below. This is important and your certification depends on it! This is the final step to completing your certification. You must receive a…

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