Online Personal Trainer Certification (USA)Students will be introduced to Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology, Resistance and Free weight training, Anaerobic and Aerobic training, Hands on Proper practical application, Flexibility and stretching, designing exercise programs, Adult and Older fitness, Business application and legal issues, Body fat testing and measurement and more.

Online Personal Trainer Certification (USA)

Over 25,000 Personal Trainers Certifiedlessons: 34
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Online Personal Trainer Certification

There are hundreds of options for online personal trainer courses. But only one Company provides 35 years of science-based research by PROS of the industry, PROPTA offers the finest most in depth online personal trainer certification course available today. Created by professional athletes to help health and fitness professionals deliver to their clients an individualized program needed to adopt long-term for healthy behaviors. Once you achieve your online Personal Trainer Certification, you will have a career advantage at thousands of facilities worldwide, and the expertise needed to stand out among your peers with a certification that is recognized in over 186 countries and in 7 languages.

Why Choose PROPTA?

PROPTA students graduate with more knowledge and understanding of course material than the standards accepted by other certification agencies. PROPTA is an institution for Fitness and Nutrition founded by Mr. USA, Joe Antouri.  Joe operated the nutritional departments at World Gym and Gold’s Gym for more than twenty years and consequently, is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry due to his extensive experience in nutrition and counseling.

A career in the fitness and nutrition industry will give you flexibility and independence to run your own business, build your client base, and maybe even open your own facility! Getting started is overwhelming but with perseverance and a controlled vision for the future, you can achieve your goals.  PROPTA will always give you the support you need from the moment you register for this course. PROPTA support is second to none, by phone, by email, and in-person – we are here for you!

You will learn the following when you enroll in the Personal Trainer Certification course:

Strength training, muscular development, preventing injuries, proper stretching, improving balance, flexibility, mobility and stability, improving bone density to help combat osteoporosis, proper spotting and proper bio-mechanics, train anyone for any sport safely, success business principles, presentation and sales techniques.

Below is the list of chapters that you will be studying online to obtain your certification, along with the online exam.


Personal Trainer Certification Test

Please carefully read all of the instructions below. This is important and your certification depends on it! This is the final step to completing your certification. You must receive a…

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