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Online Nutrition Tech Certification (International)

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PROPTA The Professional Personal Trainers Association offers multiple courses in nutrition. All these courses are crucial to the development of the personal trainer.

Online Nutrition Tech™ NT™ Certificate Course ( for international students).

It is recommended that all certified personal trainers must know Nutrition.
Without Nutrition fat loss or muscle gain is unattainable. Proper food and supplement application is a must. Understanding food and supplements will make your job dealing with clients much easier.

Upon completion of this course, a Nutrition Tech should:

  • Have an understanding of protein, carbohydrate and fat and how these nutrients are essential to a balanced and healthy life style.
  • Understand vitamins and minerals
  • Understand portion control.
  • Understand and implement food diary to help enhance guidance.
  • Understand food label
  • Understand meal timing for better performance and fat loss without muscle loss.
  • Fat testing and measurements
  • Guide any one to make proper food choices for better results.

Steps to complete this course:

  • Nutrition Tech course is a home study course or an Online study course.
  • You are given 90 days to complete this course and submit the written exam
  • Food handlers permit certification must be obtained prior to 90 days. Click here to register :
  • 20 hours clinic workshop must be complete prior to oral exam by PROPTA examiner.

All registrants must obtain the Food Handlers Certification to obtain any PROPTA certificate.
Food Safety is everyone’s business. It’s important as a Personal Trainer and a Nutrition Tech CNT* or Consultant CNC* to be informed in food safety and sicknesses that are caused by mishandling food.Certification in food safety simply means that you will be required to have a basic knowledge as to the causes of food born illness and its prevention, pass an approved examination, and possess a valid certificate in food safety.


Nutrition Technician Final Exam

Please carefully read all of the instructions below. This is important and your certification depends on it! This is the final step to completing your certification. You must receive a…

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