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5 Important Reasons To Workout

images                                 Author Joe Antouri


Our busy daily lives leave little time and let’s face it energy to workout. But if you keep in mind these 5 reasons to incorporate a workout into your life, you will find the motivation to get going!

Life has become more stressful for many people. With that comes less time to cook healthy meals or cook at all. Fast food has in many instances a quick and easy excuse to fill our stomachs. Tired at the end of the day? Most of us are, grabbing a soda or alcoholic beverage and plopping on the sofa is easier than changing into workout gear and hitting the gym. If you find yourself in this predicament, and your not alone, wants to inspire you with our 7 vital reasons to workout.

Reason 1 to Workout- Your Spine

Whether you’re talking about losing weight or keeping your back feeling great, exercising regularly is hugely important. Exercise regimens that focus in on stretching the spine and connecting tissues and muscles can play a significant role in keeping the spine healthy. Not having an aching back would be great right? Well, there are things you can implement into your daily life to be pain-free.

Your core muscles—your lower back and abdominal muscles—need to be strong and supple in order to support your spine and take pressure off your lower back. It’s also important to do whatever you can to avoid sitting for long periods. Get up to stretch and walk around every 20 to 30 minutes

Sitting for long periods is hard on the back, remember to get up move, stretch and walk around as often as possible. During your lunch break try to take a nice walk.

It’s also important to build strength in other muscle groups, including those in the back, legs, and stomach. Having strong muscles in these areas can reduce pressure on the spine and lessen the chance of sustaining a serious back injury.

Reason 2 to Workout-Your Sleep                                                   download

A recent National Sleep Foundation study found that up to 67 percent of regular exercisers say they get a good night’s sleep and it didn’t matter what time of day you exercise. Somme people may find that exercising at night stimulates them and affects their sleep, but that is individual. Exercise may also assist with a better night’s sleep in other ways. Studies have shown that exercise reduces stress and tires you out. It can be especially helpful if you can exercise outdoors and let your body absorb natural sunlight during the daytime hours. 

Reason 3 to Workout-Energy

Regular exercise 5 times a week, can boost energy levels by 20 percent and decrease fatigue by 65 percent; a run or other cardio workout can also reduce exhaustion. The reason: breaking a sweat raises your metabolism and increases production of the brain chemical dopamine, and that helps you feel less tired.

Reason 4 to Workout -Your Mood

When you have anxiety or depression, exercise often seems like the last thing you want to do. But once you get motivated, and start a routine you will feel the difference.

Exercise helps prevent and improve many health problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis. Research on anxiety, depression, and exercise shows that the psychological and physical benefits of exercise can also help reduce anxiety and improve mood.

The links between anxiety, depression, and exercise aren’t entirely clear — but working out and other forms of physical activity can definitely ease symptoms of anxiety or depression and make you feel better.

Reason 5 – YourHeart                                                      large

According to the American Heart Association, adults should have at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise. Whether you like biking, walking, swimming or any other type of exercise, the bottom line is to get out and move your body.

By incorporating  30 minutes a day or 150 minutes for the week, you are preventing heart attack and stroke, the nation’s #1 and #5 killers.




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